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writing and executing a promt in cHATGPT 3.5



Step 1

Navigate to ChatGPT 3.5

Step 2

Write a prompt following the CETO process

Context: The context of the prompt (sometimes called the primer) tells the story of why you are there.Expert Persona: The role that ChatGPT will take on when responding. Task: The action you want ChatGPT to perform. Please be sure to include a verb in these statements. Output: Specify the desired presentation format for the results, such as length, exclusions, or organization.

Step 3

Execute the prompt in ChatGPT 3.5

Step 4

Refine and re-execute the prompt (Optional)

Step 5

Validate the content with a credible source.

- Context- Expert Persona - Task - Output

Type https://chat.openai.com into your browser.

Enter your prompt and click the up-arrow button to execute it.

Refine and re-execute your prompt in ChatGPT.

Validate ChatGPT's response with a credible source!