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the inventions

The British surgeon, Joseph Lister is a pioneer of antisepsis in surgery. More specifically, hediscovers the theory of germs formulated by Louis Pasteur. It then comes to the conclusion that the appearance of pus in a wound is proof of the mortification of tissues leading to gangrene and not a healing factor. Lister therefore said to himself that the phenomenon could be stopped with a dressing that would destroy the life of floating particles. Here he is then to spray phenol and will describe this method as "antiseptic". Although initially received with skepticism, it was fully accepted in the 1880s.

The antisepsis

The lightbulb

Thomas Edison is sometimes considered as the inventor of the lightbulb in 1879.However it turns out that it was actually Joseph Swan who made this dicovery first.Swan had made this discovery before. Swan thus gives life to an incandescent lamp, with a carbon filament under vacuum, while Edison markets a bulb with a carbonized cotton fiber filament. The two men combine their inventions to create their buisness:Edison of Swan United Electric Light Company also known as "Ediswan" to exploit the two inventions

The water closet

How it works ?

The inventor of the water closet was Thomas Crapper , The clockmaker Alexander Cumming he will leave a patent for the flush havieng in addition added a pipe curved in the shape of an U which prevent smells to go up.During all of this period , water closet were made of wood or metal . This will evolve at the victorian era. First of all , a decree of the gouvernement asked that each new housses to possess a water closet or an private pit wich was then emptied by men working the night. This has been followed by the command of systems sewers

The Steam train

The steam train was invented in 1804 by Richard Trevithick in United Kingdom .It uses coal for working . In this time they didn't know it was very polluting . It was a revoluting invention because people can travel or transport merchandise very easly .But there are also disadvantages like the landscape which is covered of railroads or the air which is filled of black because of the steam of those trains.But it required a lot of iron and other materials and labour of worker .

The stamp

James Chalmers wanted nothing more than faster mail delivery between Edinburgh and London. At the end of 1837, he sent a proposal to Prime Minister Robert Wallace for an adhesive postage stamp. This then resulted in the famous black stamp with the portrait of the queen drawn by Henry Corbould, known as "Penny Black" and issued for the first time on May 1, 1840, just like the first paid postage envelope designed by William Mulready.