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Birthday Gift Request

for those who want to get me a gift




These are ideas and wants for one birthday gift I been thinking about that would be beneficial rather than a want. It includes a alternative because this is not cheapAlso, this is not me requesting for anyone to pay in full, it can be like a help me help you type thing too.

Electric Bike

Now I know if you're mom you're probably rolling your eyes or saying "oh my gosh," but allow me to explain



If bought USED

This could end up being more depending on the seller and brand but it's usually going for this pricing


Everyone just got done helping pay for AAU (I thank everyone from the BOTTOM of my heart) so that's why I want to make some type of plan. I'll have a job somewhere around my birthday so we could do a half and half, or whatever the case may be.


If bought NEW

Nothing more to say about this, it's new so you know

Safety and Convienence

Electric bikes are allowed in the bike lane and off roads, allowing me to be off the main road and out of the main area of danger. They only go up to 20 mph, making it safe and convenient because it avoids speeding and could take me to school and back, as well as work and back, and anywhere else in the Kirkland area. It can drive me for 20 to 60 miles.It includes headlights and rear lights, ensuring that if it gets dark, other cars and pedestrians can see me. It also has a speedometer to ensure I'm going at a good pace.I'd also be using a helmet while riding :)

Why is this a good gift?

We all know I've been wanting to drive. This would allow me to get where I need, when I need, without having to worry about the expenses of driver's ed plus the car plus the insurance and more. This would be a great long-term investment because I'd be able to save up for driver's ed by the time AAU is over.

But this is more expensive, right??

WRONG.The average cost of gas per month is $150-$200 a month. I know you know the way the gas prices been hitting. This, again, would be saving from the cost of everything in total, which would be about $2,000+ less on you and meI also cant use my bike because there is a HUGE WASP LIVING ON AND IN IT. AHHHHHHH


text me about alternatives love u bye