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by George Wells [Gibson MS]

A brief overview of the rise and impact of totalitarian regimes before World War II.

Totalitarian Regimes

Promotion of national interests causing tensions between countries


Financial crises contributing to public dissatisfaction

Economic Instability

Shift from rural to urban areas leading to social unrest

Rapid Urbanization

Factors Leading to the Rise of Totalitarianism

Extremist ideologies gaining momentum across Europe

Rise of Fascism and Nazism

Unrest following World War I opened doors for dictatorial rule

Social and Political Turmoil

Rise of Totalitarian Regimes in Europe

Founder of the Fascist movement in Italy

Benito Mussolini

Soviet dictator responsible for significant social and political changes

Joseph Stalin

Nazi leader of Germany during World War II

Adolf Hitler

Key Leaders and Ideologies of Totalitarian Regimes

Persecution of dissenters and political opponents

Suppression of Opposition

Build-up of armed forces and aggressive foreign policies


Control of information and dissemination of state-sponsored ideas

Censorship and Propaganda

Impact of Totalitarian Regimes on Society and Politics

Resulting in the defeat of major totalitarian regimes

Allied Forces Victory

Resistance and efforts to overthrow dictatorial powers

Liberation Movements

World War II escalated the confrontation with totalitarian regimes

Global Conflict

World War II and the Downfall of Totalitarian Regimes