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Ana Margarida Pinho-N2Carlota Pinho-N7

Company Presentation

Our company uses materials that were thrown away and are taken to build new thingswhat sets us apart from the competition is environmental:-150 entrepreneurs-150/160 workers-5 production technicians-2 checking the quality of work-2 Ceo

WageAround €1700Work hours8 hours(Outside of overtime)-Our company would valueThe worker of the month because we thought that this way workers would be more inspired to work.Valuing the celebration of important days such as-Tree Day on March 21st-Sustainability Day on June 9ts-A protective mask and protective gloves are required to work.

We preserve the environment in the workplace, we want the relationship between our workers to be good so that work goes betterAt Ecofurniture we seek to use recycled and durable materials at a very good price.Our furniture will be easy to assemble and transport,with a unique design aimed at each client

Move eco for a future of joy Motto

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