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1.Intent to Return

2.Course Selection


4. Act 158

Prepping for the 2024 - 2025 School Year

and EVERYTHING you need to know

5.Schedule a Meeting

1. Intent to return

Press the button below to watch how to complete intent to return!

Intent to return is REQUIRED if you/your learner wants to return to CCA next year. Intent to return must be completed by 6/9 If you are still deciding, it is much easier to say “Yes” for your intent to return and change your mind to no. Incomplete ITR or responses of “No” will result in students will be automatically withdrawn from the school after June 9th (the last day of the school year) and will need to return all materials. Again, if you say “Yes”, you can change your mind to “No” at any timeIntent to return must also be completed for seniors. If you need any help filling out the Intent to Return please let me know and I am happy to help! -> you can also watch the video on this page to help as well.

2.Course Selection

Press the buttons below for instructions on how to complete course selection along with suggested courses

Please take a moment to take a look at the instructions for course selection, the corresponding course selection documents and the course catalog. After browsing those resources please take the time to schedule a meeting with me so we can get you signed up for the correct classes next school year. You will have until 4/19 to pick your classesIF YOU DO NOT CHOOSE CLASSES YOUR SCHOOL TEAM WILL CHOOSE THEM FOR YOU

+Course Catalog

3. Seniors

You are halfway through your senior year congratulations!If you have not already please contact your homeroom teacher to place your cap and gown order and register for graduationKEEP UP THE GREAT WORK YOU GOT THIS!

4. Act 158

Act 158 is REQUIRED to graduate in the state of Pennsylvania. It is never to early to start thinking about your pathway! Press on the button below to see how you can meet you pathway here at CCA.

+Act 158 Infographic

Schedule a Meeting

You can schedule a meeting using the following link: Mrs. Gallagher's Bookings Link:

+Bookings Link

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