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  • Critcal thinking is . . .

thinking deeply about things. analyzing your personal biases. considering all sides.

  • Problem solving
  • Making new things
  • A unique intellegence

Venn Diagram of Critical thinking and Creativity

Critical Thinking


  • Critcal thinking in class looks like . . .

analyzing our sources. annotating as we read. listening to all voices in class.

  • __________ ensures high quality critcal thinking.

starting with guided instruction. fostering a positive learning environment. helping students spot errors.

  • Creativity is . . .

using your imagination. exploring your artistic side. looking at things in a new way.

  • Creativity in class looks like . . .

allowing student choice. incorporating non-traditional assessments. challenging students thinking.

  • __________ ensures high quality creativity.

encouraging safe rule bending. providing time for student lead exploration. building flexibility into the lesson plan.