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Introduction to CREATE

Cambiar Catalyst

We focus on systemic impact through leadership development.


Serving on average over 70% of women and leaders of color, we are accelerating and diversifying senior systems leadership for these leaders where less than 25% of superintendents identify as women, and less than 10% identify as leaders of color.



Action Impact Projects

Learning Experiences





We believe that the most effective solutions reside within the communities with whom we partner. We seek to elevate those solutions to drive sustainable improvement.

Our fellows complete an Action Impact Project to apply their new knowledge of community-driven change management to real challenges they face in their school system.

through equity, access, and representation

through instructional excellence



We know that educators need to embrace innovative ideas to address the gaps in research and practice that limit the opportunities for all students to succeed.

through innovative strategy

205 fellows and alumni supported

In 61 school systemsServing 6.5 million children

  • Regional partnerships with local partners
  • Customized professional learning services for systems leaders
  • Central office pipeline development
  • Executive coaching of Superintendents and other district leadership positions
  • Cabinet retreat design and facilitation

Increasing Access

Highlight: Oklahoma Regional Fellowship

NET PROMOTER9.5 out of 10 - how likely they are to recommend Catalyst to a friend or colleague. SATISFACTION100% of systems leaders served in Oklahoma's regional fellowship are satisfied or very satisfied (with 83.3% very satisfied). RELEVANCE AND RIGOR100% of the systems leaders served in Oklahoma's regional fellowship felt that the content was rigorous with 91% believing the content was very relevant to their context and roles.

Introduction to CREATE

Cambiar Catalyst