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Emeli's Coaching

Previous goal: Moving forward we will focus on refreshing interactions on time. Additionally, we will make sure interactions are personalized accordingly.

Good job providing accurate information and demonstrating empathy towards the customer's issue. Highlight the importance of these qualities in building customer trust and satisfaction

ID: 1220811

Request for Visual Information, Tagging, Tone, Hold & RMAs.

ID: 119706

Visual infromation, Correct Address, Tagging, Timely Refresh.

ID: 1195482




Areas of Improvement: Detailed Questioning: Let's be more detailed in questioning customers during troubleshooting to ensure all steps have been completed. Tagging: Add all applicable tags to the interaction for proper categorization and analysis. Hold Procedure: Remind the agent to specify the duration of holds and refresh timely to maintain a smooth customer experience. RMA Closure: Guide closing RMAs with a detailed explanation when no return is required, ensuring proper closure of the case.

Strengths: Request for Visual Information: Good job asking the customer to send visual information, which can help identify the issue more effectively. Polite and Friendly Tone: Great job using a polite and friendly tone, which contributes to a positive customer experience.

Tagging and Ticket Notes: Remind the agent to add all relevant tags to the interaction and include another ticket in the notes if relevant for better documentation and context. Addressing Customer Emotions: Encourage the agent to be more mindful of the customer's emotions and respond appropriately, especially when they express dissatisfaction or frustration. Timely Refresh: Remind the agent to refresh on time during interactions to avoid long wait times for customers.

Strengths: Request for Visual Information and Guiding Recalibration: Good job having a proactive approach in asking for visual information and guiding the customer through recalibration steps. Correct Address: Good job ensuring the replacement was sent to the correct address, preventing potential delivery issues.