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Quests to build Entrepreneurship, AI-readiness & Design-thinking Skills in 10-18 year olds to prepare them for College, Career, & Life
4. Proposal
5. Appendix
3. What is the feedback about Lumi?
2. Why Lumi?
1. What is Lumi?
Table of Contents:


  • An AI-augmented platform that runs online & facilitated, design-thinking-led Quests
  • Participants develop novel tech-enabled solutions to real-world problems
  • And build nine skills across three pillars of entrepreneurship , AI & design thinking, showcased in a Future Skills Passport
  • Lumi offers a continous learning loop since participants can undertake multiple Quests and return as facilitators to guide others


Develop a million young entrepreneurs, leaders and changemakers with the skills and the network to shape the future.


Build the world's leading lifelong learning platform that equips young people with AI, entrepreneurship and design-thinking skills for the digital age.

Lumi: Our Purpose & Product

hundrED, a global think-tank specialised in education innovation partnered up with game company Supercell to find practical solutions that bring the benefits of gamification to education

Lumi was recently recognized as one of 12 companies globally leading on gamifying education for young people

*Based on a study conducted by Stanford BioDesign of participants from 2004 - 2021 (n=177)
78% of participants in leadership roles today*
>$1.2B Funding Raised
9.4 million people helped by innovations
56 Companies Founded

In 2004 Stanford University launched Biomedical Technology Innovation programme

Impact and Outcomes

The Programme Goals

  • Use design-thinking to drive practice oriented and interdisciplinary education for Masters & PhD students
  • Develop breakthrough ideas, entrepreneurs & leaders using its links to the silicon valley

"I co-founded Lumi to bring a unique innovation programme to harness the creativity of younger students in a scalable and equitable way "

Prof. Christopher Shen, Adjunct Professor, Stanford University; Co-Founder of Lumi

Lumi is adapting a highly successful innovation programme at Stanford University to develop digital skills in younger students

How Lumi can impact youth by building on the Stanford initiative

Equipping with future of work skills to ensure readiness for future employment opportunities.
Career Readiness
Excel in university admissions by being among the students who deeply engage in real-world problems
Access to University Admissions
Increase awareness about the challenges facing humanity and give students a voice to contribute solutions.
Awareness and Voice Recognition
Build future of work skills: entrepreneurship, design, and AI-readiness - to prepare students for college and career
Skills Development
Lumi Aims to Drive Significant Impact Among Youth
Bring the innovative education approach to youth in the age-group of 10-25
Broader Age Group
Increase participation in education by making it equitable regardless of nationality, age, socioeconmic background, and race
Reach millions of students around the world by delivering the program in a digital mode
Lumi Seeks to Scale and Expand Access and Equity to Stanford's Innovative Education Approach

Topics linked to UNSDGs (e.g., Sustainable Cities, Climate Change, Health)


Live, facilitated sessions undertaken in 8-15 weeks or as a week-long hackathon

Up to 10 participants/Quest from across year-groups or a single one

The Quest is accredited by Stanford University affiliated institution

The Lumi Quest: A design-thinking-led journey

Senior Business Leader and Education Board Member

Managing Director, EQT Partners, Founding Member- Parthenon Director of the Board, Nord Anglia

Kosmo Kalliarekos

K-12 Education

Former Head of King's College Junior School, London

Dr. Gerard Silverlock Global Schools Ambassador, London

Senior British Politician, Policymaker and Business Leader

Knight, Former Member of Parliament, Former Barrister

Lord Henry BellinghamChairmanLondon

College and Career Readiness,ex-College Board

Stanford Professor & Design Thinking Leader

Ed-Tech & Multi-exit Entrepreneurex-McKinsey

15+ years in global education management, management consulting

Harish MenonVice President, InternationalDubai

23+ years as VC, Stanford Professor & design thinking expert

Dr Christopher ShenCo-founder & Chief Innovation OfficerSan Francisco

23+ year track record in 5 startups. Recognised leader in global Ed-Tech

Prashant RaizadaFounder - CEO London

Lumi comprises a top-notch global team with deep experience in entrepreneurship, technology, and education

Opportunity to launch a student startup hub involving parents, alumni & with access to global experts via Lumi
An accredited Future Skills Passport showcasing their proficiency in AI, Entrepreneurship and Design
A tangible innovation they have founded and which can go further

Outcomes from a Lumi Quest

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Watch A Quest in Action


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Key Skills Developed by Lumi

Each participant obtains a Future Skills Passport: A proprietary credential that tracks and showcases Quest outcomes & key skills

Why Lumi

Student build cog/non-cog skills, character & values, and foster a growth mindset; develop into well-rounded, lifelong learners

Build Skills & Competencies for School and College Readiness


School/university students and young professionals drive innovation for challenges of national significance e.g. Green initiatives

Drive National Innovation by Building Ecosystem of Gov't, Education, Industry



Universities are now looking for students who immerse into solving real world challenges

Excel in University Admission Processes


Students return to Lumi as Innovation Facilitators to work with next batches of students. and get paid, while enhancing skills

Learn and Earn


Students are prepared for professional employment, apprenticeship, and entrepreneurship

Prepared for Professional Employment


Lumi ignites students' transformative potential, readying them for academics, standardized testing, college and career success.

Recognized as one of 12 companies globally leading on gamifying education for youth, 2024

80+ innovations tackling global issues

Influenced over 10K peopleworldwide

Over 50% of participants are female

Lumi has worked with students in 14+ countries

Identified Lumi as an emerging provider in the Ed-Tech sector, 2023Showcased at the Early Stage Investor Conference as a high potential ventureShowcased by The Commonwealthat COP27

1500+ students have experienced Lumi


Lumi has worked with over 1500 students from 10-25-age group spanning 14 countries


Durham University

Kate F. (UK)Climate Science
Thady G. (UK)Business
Naina R. (UK)Law
Rish R. (USA)Cellular Biology
Vedant H (USA)Biomedical Engg.
Yash V. (UK)Economics & Business
Tavishi B. (UK)Biomedicine
Anoushka B. (UAE)Biochemistry


Our participants (Luminaries) have secured admissions at various top universities

Cheryl LiGender Violence AdvocateRefuge

Hanna PrytherchPolicy ConsultantFlint Global

Michelle KimUN SDG EducatorHarvard/Alberta University

Jemima SnelsonDTE TeacherHighgate School

Siddharth BarothESG AnalystBuchanan

Agustin PerezAI EngineerAmira AI

Rahel KissBehavioral DesignerThe Behavioralist

Calvin Ng'WonoManagement Consultant McKinsey & Company

Hanako KawasakiInnovation ConsultantInnovia

Udodirim IroaganachiProduct ManagerMicrosoft


Our facilitators have secured top jobs worldwide, linked to their passions & skills


Incentivising users to buy less food to reduce waste!

Five 11-14 year olds

Three 14-16 year olds

Two 13 year olds

Five 12-14 year olds

Five 11-15 year olds

Two 12 year olds

Three 17 year olds

Three 15 year olds

Connecting care homes with schools globally for learning, in a safe way!

Offering grocers soon to expire food at discount - contributing a % to a good cause!

Win point & buy gifts for your virtual pet by taking shorter showers!

Allowing locals to deliver food to the elderly & disabled!

Pre-ordered school meals to reduce food waste!

An interative curriculum building awareness on forms of equality!

Our Quests have led to over 80 innovations from young people tackling various global issues locally, across 14 countries.

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Measure & improve your green impact while competing with friends!


Students at leading private and public schools worldwide have gone through Lumi Quests

The Foundation School

  • St Ignatius (UK)
  • Hamiliton (Mexico)
  • Purium Schools (South Korea)
  • The Foundation School (India)
  • Inventure Academy (India)
  • Safa Community School (Dubai)

Lumi School Partners

  • Kings College Wimbledon (UK)
  • Putney High School (UK)
  • Repton School (UK)
  • Donhead Prep School (UK)
  • Cowley International College (UK)
  • Charterhouse (UK)
  • De La Salle School (UK)
  • US college admissions and career readiness expert
  • 20 years of global education leadership (SAT, PSAT, AP, Big Future, Fin Aid, etc.)
  • Multi-year partnerships development with K-12, Higher Ed, NGOs, and governments
  • Chair, IC3, Student Mental Health Taskforce
  • Former management consultant for Education, Manufacturing, and Financial Services industries
  • Member of IACAC
  • BTech IIT - Bombay, MS Carnegie Mellon Uni

College and Career Readiness,ex-College Board

Harish MenonVP, InternationalDubai

  • Member of the House of Lords, UK
  • Former Cabinet Minister under David Cameron
  • Former Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Africa
  • Member of Parliament, UK
  • Senior Adviser to J. Stern & Co. LLP, a fund management company
  • Non-executive chairman of Clifton Africa
  • Magdalene College, Cambridge University

Senior British Politician, Policymaker and Business Leader

Lord Henry BellinghamChairmanLondon

Global Design Thinking & Innovation, Leader

  • Ex-McKinsey serial entrepreneur with 24 years globally in ed-tech/tech/strategy
  • Founding team member of Infosys BPM, acquired by Infosys Technologies for $2bn
  • Founder & CEO, EnglishUp, Macmillan Publisher, 3rd largest English learning co., Brazil
  • Founding Operating Leader of Holtzbrinck- Macmillan $100m Digital Education Fund
  • Advisor to boards of several education cos.
  • BS IIT- Varanasi, MBA IIM-Calcutta
  • Adjunct Professor of Medicine, Stanford University. Trained 200+ Fellows over 20+ years in a design-thinking le medical innovation
  • 25 years as a Life sciences venture capitalist with USD$2B+ in value creation
  • Founder, Singapore Biodesign, the first official partnership with Stanford Biodesign
  • Former physician, medical device inventor, venture capitalist passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation
  • BS, MS, MD & MBA from Stanford University


Ed-Tech & Multi-exit Entrepreneur

Dr Christopher ShenCo-founder & CIOSan Francisco

Prashant RaizadaFounder - CEO Dubai, London

The Lumi Founders & Core Leadership are highly accomplished global leaders

What is the Feedback about Lumi?


Aligned with Gatsby Benchmarks



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What School Heads think about Lumi...

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Hear from a former UK-leading School Head, and currently a School Inspector in the UK

Member of Stanford Undergraduate Committee

" At Stanford we are increasingly looking for a different kind of applicant - someone who has done something different, delivered real-world impact. Lumi seems to offer a chance to do exactly that. "


Select Energy Transition innovations were showcased at COP27 in Egypt, 2022.See what happened here

The Commonwealth COP27 and COP28


Pricing: $900 per studentOffering discount of 25% in 2024After Discount: $675 per student (Lumi = $450; NIS = $225)

Summer School / Holiday Programs and After School Programs in 2024

  • Facilitation: Facilitators from universities across the globe
  • Delivery: Virtual
  • Participants: School Students
  • Duration: Option 1: Summer School/Holiday Program = 1 week (5 days of live facilitation & offline activities and a capstone presentation on the 6th Day) Option 2: After School Program = 8 weeks (1 Day in each of the 7 weeks of live facilitation & offline activities and a capstone presentation on the 8th week)
  • Logistics: Option 1: Summer School/Holiday Program = Daily 2X90 minute sessions in the morning, followed by offline interactive tasks for the rest of the day Option 2: After School Program = 8 2-hour live sessions on a particular day each week, followed by offline interactive tasks for the same amount of time to be done anytime during the week)





Lumi has worked with or attracted students from leading universities worldwide

Lumi School Partners