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Dallas Hartley3.12.24

Product Case Study


Execution & KPIs








Adoption Strategy




Important to drive adoption in onboarding phase to avoid disruption or delay to Pros getting paid after completed job

Only 25% of Pros set up card processing feature during initial onboarding



Maximize adoption of the card processing feature within Housecall Pro's primary onboarding flow



Why might 75% of Pros fail to complete setup of the card processing feature during onboarding?

How can Housecall Pro overcome these challenges to create a better experience for Pros?


Low perceived value

Payment processing step is near the bottom of the list, Pros may not make it that far; value prop positioning of 'Get paid instantly' may not be resonating

Several clicks required

To set up card processing during onboarding, Pros are forced to click a CTA three times to start the actual setup

Distracting UXUI

Including info unrelated to onboarding steps distracts Pros from getting to the payment processing step (Hick's Law)




To increase adoption, we will showcase value of card payments ASAP, then make it easy to connect their bank, then reengage Pros that drop off

Focusing on each of these targets ensures we are making strategic decisions to address the previous challenges and achieve our key business outcome (Pros set up card processing within 24 hours of account creation)

Adoption Strategy

Reengage Pros & guide to completion


Streamline the bank connection experience


Demonstrate value of payments early





Explore improvements to onboarding step transitions, overall design

Experiment with value prop & messaging variants

Additional Ideas


P2: UXUI Enhancements

Improve onboarding UXUI to speed Pros through setup

P3: Trigger Campaigns

Create push, SMS, and/or email series to reengage Pros that churn from onboarding funnel

P1: Guided Walkthrough

Demonstrate value & increase engagement with interactive walkthrough of payments




Re-engagement Campaigns

Phase 2

Timeline ~2-3 weeks

Guided Walkthrough & UXUI Enhancements

Phase 1

Timeline ~8 weeks


Success Metrics

Speed to connect a bank account

Connected bank account conversion rate





Case Study





629 Golden Glory RdLeander, TX 78641

Guided Walkthrough

Help users create mental models with an interactive onboarding experience

Take each Pro through a personalized, guided process of creating their first estimate, scheduled job, invoice, and payment, right after account creation. Demonstrate value early, and help Pros start using the platform right away.Allow Pros to enter their own info, or skip for later.I'd prioritize this first as a discovery experiment to determine what % of Pros connect a bank account as part of the guided setup.

  • Create guided walkthrough to demonstrate value of payment processing early
  • Let Pros complete onboarding as an interactive experience instead of a task list
  • Help Pros create mental model of how platform works

UXUI Improvements

Simplifying the onboarding phase to streamline completion

There's a lot of information unrelated to completing the onboarding steps (sidepanel + demo, links, progress bar, etc.). Do the time estimates help? Is 15 min acceptable to finish onboarding setup?Pros may churn from 'Get Paid Instantly' funnel because there are too many clicks (3+) required to 'Get Started'. On first click, take Pros straight to setup.I'd prioritize these enhancements next because they're quick to test, low dev effort (low cost), and fast to implement.

  • Remove unnecessary information and links to minimize distraction from steps.
  • Take Pros directly to card processing setup from 'Get Started' page.
  • Prefill Pro's account information (name, phone number, etc.) to streamline card setup

Trigger Campaigns

Reengage Pros to help them finish payment processing setup

Send push or SMS messages to Pros that don't connect a bank account as part of their first Housecall Pro session. Send product showcase emails.Messaging is a reminder to finish setup, and can also be used to weave in other growth strategies, such as showcasing features, adding social proof, estimating potential revenue increases with online payments, etc.Prioritized after UXUI enhancements to ensure we're returning Pros to a streamlined onboarding experience. Requires strong collaboration with marketing. Easy to test and measure results. Low risk.

  • Send push/SMS to remind Pros to connect a bank account.
  • Add email series to showcase payment processing benefits.

Key Stakeholders: Dev, Marketing, PMTasks: Monitor campaign performance; A/B test messages; refine based on feedback and data

Key Stakeholders: Dev, Design, Marketing, PMTasks: Implement campaign triggers based on user behavior; launch initial campaigns

Implementation (Week 10)
Optimization & Evaluation (Weeks 11+)
Planning and Design (Week 9)

Re-engagement Campaigns

Phase 2

Key Stakeholders: Marketing, PM, Data Analysts, DesignTasks: Identify users who dropped off; draft messaging and design campaign flows

Key Stakeholders: Dev, PMTasks: Finalize and implement walkthrough and UXUI improvements; begin monitoring impact on success metrics

Key Stakeholders: QAE, Beta users (Pros)Tasks: Test interactive walkthrough; collect feedback, make adjustments

Key Stakeholders: Dev, DesignTasks: Build guided walkthrough prototype; implement UXUI enhancements in parallel

Implementation & Monitoring (Weeks 7-8)
Prototyping (Weeks 3-4)
Testing & Iteration (Weeks 5-6)
Planning and Design (Weeks 1-2)

Guided Walkthrough & UXUI Enhancements

Phase 1

Key Stakeholders: PM, Design, Dev, ProsTasks: Define objectives, design guided walkthrough, identify UXUI improvements