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A Totally Tubular Presentation

From Maine to Oregon

JUST LOOK AT THAT MUSTACHEthat magnificent curl......

Some Totally Radical Facts About Our Main Homie John Phillip Sousa

  • - John Philip Sousa was born close to the Marine Barracks in Washington D.C. on November 6th, 1854.
  • He almost joined the circus band when he was 13 but his father enrolled him as an apprentice musician in the Marine Band.
  • Sousa was given a baton by his musicians and it was later given back to the Marine Band as a literal "passing of the baton" for the new conductors.

It is thought that the name "From Maine to Oregon" was chosen to honor the vast expanse of our country. 'MERICA!

Why "From Maine to Oregon" is straight fire

The song "From Maine to Oregon" was a reoccurring theme in Sousa's "All American" operetta, The American Maid (The Glass Blowers). The title does not appear in the list of songs. A reason for this could be that the song was played so often that the song list would just be filled with "From Maine To Oregon reprise (x)".

- Low brass, bwomp bwomping away like the little bwomp bwompers they are.- The ABSOLUTELY BALLER cut offs. - This is a warning too, but the song starts BIG and LOUD!

What to Listen For

Personally, if Ms. Honeck conducted like this guy, I'd be scared. But at least he's enthusiastic. Especially towards the end. You'll know when you see it.

And now, our positively baller song

[Insert Sad Trombone mp3]

Why "The Northern Pines" is not a banger

IT'S A WHOLE WHOPPING 3:35?????? Total snoozefest.It's about trees in Northern Michigan (In case you have something against trees, Northern Michigan, or both)In general, just a womp womp.