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Managing Growth


Attending the residential


Module overview and assessment

Unit 1

Uncovering the why

Unit 2

Selecting your growth path

Unit 4

Understanding the future state of your operation

Unit 3

Identifying strategic and operational implications

During the residential you will cover the following:

  • A look at the Markides framework and how you can use it for your ventures as part of your strategy

In the overview section you will find information about key dates, the assessment and the discussion forums for the module.

In Unit 1 you will be validating and clearly articulating your distinctive value proposition to build out a more cohesive answer to the why dimension of your strategy.

Unit 2 introduces frameworks to assess your current growth options, highlighting potential new ones and ultimately selecting a specific path to pursue.

In unit 3 you will begin to operationalise your growth plan with a look at how this could change your business model. You will examine objectives and metrics needed for specific stakeholders, and map out the current value creation process.

In unit 4 you will map out what the future state of your venture should look like and put together a risk plan for implementation beyond the module.