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This text uses cause and effect to show Logos. The misusage of the handguns (cause) led to 10,728 deaths just in the United States (effect).

Statistics have been used in the text to show logos as a list is formed on the top with data based on the number of deaths caused from just handguns around the world from different countries. However, these statistics were mainly listed in order to emphasize the number of deaths in comparison to those of other countries.

Situational irony: American citizens have the right to legally own guns if they are registered. We are allowed to have that freedom and right given from the government as they believe so we will follow it. However, it was shocking to realize the crazy number of people who take advantage of that freedom they were given and utilize it towards a bad cause, such as using handguns towards deaths.

The text uses illustration to show logos as the image of a handgun with the print of an American flag. The correlation of these two represent how the issue with handguns is imprinted within the USA. It shows we need to make an effort to remove this imprint of over-usage of handguns throughout the USA.