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definitions of the Cambridge Dictionary.

- liberalism: the political belief that there should be free trade, that people should be allowed more personal freedom, and that changes in society should be made gradually.- neoliberalism: the policy of supporting a large amount of freedom for markets, with little government control or spending and low taxes.- capitalism: an economic and political system in which property, business and industry are controlled by private owners rather than the state, with the purpose of making a profit.- inflation: a general, continuous increase in prices.

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causes, consequences, solutions...

neoliberalism in the USA and the UK

- since the last few years, inflation has gradually increased in the USA and the UK, especially in 2023 and this year and it is blocked in these two countries (3% for the USA and 4% for the UK). - both countries are influenced by capitalist and neoliberalist policies, and these have created their political image, and their social and economical identity.- neoliberalism has its advantages and its drawbacks.- to what extend is neoliberalism positive for the UK and the US political systems? 1- How neoliberalism arrived in these countries? 2- Impacts of inflation in both countries


how neoliberalism arrived in the US and in the UK?

Milton Friedman and Friedrich Hayek

Reagan presenting his legislative plan on taxes in 1981.

in the US

- Arrived in the 1970/80's with the Hayek's and Friedman's theories that were promoting the main neoliberalist values.- Ronald Reagan was elected as the President of the United States in 1980 and it was a major turning point. He put in place "Reaganomics", neoliberal policies.

1- how inflation arrived?

cartoon, unknown.

in the UK

- Arrived between the 1970's and the 1980's. the economical systems provided after the Second World War was failing.- The American neoliberalist model provided by Hayek and Friedman influenced a lot the UK. - The arrival of Margaret Thatcher as the Prime Minister from 1979 to 1990 changed forever the UK. Thatcherism contained most of the neoliberalist values and she put in place radical policies that transformes the UK's societies and economy.

1- how inflation arrived?

how much both countries are impacted by inflation?

source: www.usbanc.com

in the USA- lots of monetary policies (with the Federal Reserve, the increase of rates, market operations, fiscal policies, price and wage controls, market stability...)- the State takes its responsabilities to control the inflation, the purchasing power and the economy in general.wage = salaire

2- impact of inflation

in the UK- The Bank of England use key interest rates.- Their main goal is price stability.- The British government put in place a lot of reforms and policies to control inflation, the prices...- The British government is transparent and announces clearly its objectives to keep relevant.

2- impact of inflation

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