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BY chris fulbright


Team Project

What would you like to do for your future career?


I thought that was really cool and an interesting carreer path!

Response: She told me that she wanted to be a hygienist

Do you think it is possible for your future carreer to completely digital? How about paperless?


Response: She believes it is possible!

During our interview I was told that the place my interviewee works at is almost all digital and that they barely ever use pencil and paper.

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After learning about blogs and wikis this week, do you think that you will utilize them in your future career?


During our interview, I was told that my interviewee didn't plan on using either blogs or wikis in thier career mainly because they didn't see themselves blogging in the future and because their isn't much use in day to day hygienist activities.

Response: Probably not.

What type of technology would you like to see invented to help you in your future career?


Response: Robots!

During our interview, Jayden told me that she would like to see robots helping out in taking X-rays as she believed that robots would have the precision needed to make more consistantly accurate X-rays, helping everyone in her career.

What type of technology would you invent to make the world a better place?


Response: Cleaning robots to help our cities and parks

How do you plan to network in your future career?


TWhat I was told during our interview is that industry conventions are a great way for hygienist to meet fellow connects where they can then use those connections to make more connections.

Response: By attending physical conferences and connecting with other professionals.

How important do you think networking will be for your future career? Do you think physical or digital networking be more important?


Response: Digital networking will be more important and networking will be important to hear ideas.

The answer I got to my question is that digital networking will be more important becuase of how benficial it is to be able to connect to anyone else anywhere. Another reason is becuase the technology has advanced so much that everyone will be using it because it is new and easy to use than networking in person.

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