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A Perfect Day in the School

Raquel Santos - nº 18 - 6ºA

I'm Raquel Santos. I'm eleven years old. I'm student at Águas Santas school in year 6. I will talk about my perfect day at school.My perfect day at school starts later than usually. I wake up at nine o'cloock. For brekfast I eat toast and milk. After I go to school by car.

Before school

IN school

In the morning I have only one subject, arts. The lesson starts at ten o' clock and finishes at midday, and I have a break in the middle of the class of twenty minutes. I have two hours to eat lunch and I eat hamburger with my friends at the snack bar in front of school. In the afternoon I have other two hours of classes, at this time is Physical Education. My perfect day in the school finishes at four o'clock.

In school

After I go to home resting and watching TV for two hours, because I have swimming training at six o'cloock. I have dinner at nine o'cloock and I go eat bolognese pasta. Before the dinner I brush my teeth and go to sleep at half past nine.

After School