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English oral presentation


Mobile phones were a useful invention because they allow us to contact people, take photos of memorable moments, access to the internet, do research,...

were mobile phones a useful invention?

The mobile phone has changed my life because it allows me to take photos, talk to friends and family, watch films and series, listen to music,...

how did your mobile phone change your life? What do you use it for?

On the one hand, I think mobile phones should be banned so we can have more fun with our friends, but on the other hand, I don't think they should be banned, because if a family member needs to talk to us, they don't have to call the school, they have to call us directly.

Do you think mobile phones should be banned from school?

I think a week without a mobile phone would be good because I'd spend more time with my friends chatting, I'd have more time to play board games (for example, puzzles, I love puzzles), traditional games,...

Can you imagine living a whole week without your mobile? What would it be like?

Beatriz Lopes - 9ºF