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Operation Cooperation:User Interface Walkthrough

Designed to give you all the tools you need to keep the System in check



General status report.This info is helpful in planning your orders.

This is who you are on DiscordIt allows me to know everyone is only inputting once.

Sets your preference on mission vs research priority.Used to break ties and determine usage behind the screen

Fund Allocation Section - Spending Resources/ Credits on Missions and Research.Ensure all selections (Mission and Research) come in under available funds.

Available Missions that can be run, and the faction you wish to go up against. Limit selections to available Mission Pips.Note that some missions have a preperation cost that comes from total available funds.

Available Projects requiring funding before they can be researched.Have a cost that comes from total available funds.

Select Funded Research projects to undertake.Select Projects up to number of available Research Pips available.(X/Y Progress made indicates number of turns previously spent researching this project over number of cumulative turns required to complete.

Hit Submit to log your choices!The Game Master will weigh them alongside other Tenno and take appropriate action.