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Eton college

Eton College is a public school in Eton, Berkshire, England. It was founded in 1440 by Henry VI under the name Kynge's College of Our Ladye of Eton besyde Windesore, making it the 18th oldest school in the Conference of Headmasters and Headmistresses (HMC). Originally conceived as a sister institution to King's College, Cambridge, Eton is known for its history, wealth, and notable alumni, known as the Old Etonians.



The School is known for its traditions, including a black tailcoat uniform (or morning coat) and black vest, a starched stiff collar, and black striped trousers. Most students wear a white "necktie," which is a narrow strip of cloth folded over the collar joint to hide the collar pin, but some older boys are entitled to wear a white bow tie and winged collar. There are a few variations on school dress worn by boys in authority, see sections Prefects of the School and King's Academics.


In addition to theatre facilities, Eton has fine arts studios, language laboratories, orchestras, three dozen sports fields, a swimming pool and the fabulous Dorney Lake aquatic centre, which in 2012 hosted the rowing events of the London Olympic Games.

Eton was originally founded as a charity school, to provide education for 70 poor boys in the area. However, for many students today it can cost upwards of £42,000 per year, breaking down to around £14,000 per term. This has made it the sixth most expensive school in the UK. However, this does not completely exclude all students except those from the wealthiest backgrounds. Eton College provides financial assistance to many students,with around 70 said they are attending completely free of charge.,Eton said they are planning to significantly increase the number of students receiving financial assistance in the coming years, mcaking the first-class education offered by the school more accessible to those from less affluent backgrounds. The school has a student-to-teacher ratio of 8 to 1, one of the best in the country and significantly better than most high schools.Small class sizes ensure a high-quality education for students of all abilities.,

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