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Earth ScienceFiona Webster1st Grade

The Moon and Astronomers

Students will accomplish the following:

  • students will learn about the moon
  • students will pretend to be an astronomer for the day.
  • they will record information and describe how they would learn about the moon.

Students will review the content and take notes/answer questions in their science journals.

How to Navigate:

  • each slide will have information for you to review.
  • make sure you have found every item on each slide (there are 7 total).
  • it is important to take notes as you go, these will help you answer the interactive questions.

Watch the video and answer the following questions in your science journal: 1. How does the moon create light? 2. How many phases of the moon are there? 3. How long is the lunar cycle?

Here is a link to learn more about the moon! Fun Facts About the Moon

Directions for Oreo Moon Phase Activity Make sure to record your findings in your science journal with detail. Supplies needed: -8 oreos -Something to scrape frosting off with (ex. popsicle stick or fork)

An astronomer is someone who studies the planets, stars, and moons.In your science journal, describe how you watch the different phases of the moon.-What tools would you need to see the moon clearly?-What time of day would you gather your research?

Pretend to be an Astronomer

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Follow the step-by-step tutorial on how to make your own telescope.Record your findings in your science journal and make sure to have your telescope ready for class to present.