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This is a fun interactive presentation to show my students how Volcanos work and errupt

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How Volcano's Work

The process of a Volcano eruptingGrades 2-4Carson McCrary

This is a fun learning experience we are going to be doing to learn about how Volcano's errupt. There will be 7 interactive images you must look over (including a hidden one, can you find it?)On the next slide there will be little icons you can click on that will bring you to the information you are learning.While looking over these make sure you are taking notes, drawing pictures, etc.Be creative! I want to see that you understand the process of a Volcano errupting.

Directions: Read these!!

Here is a fun video from our Volcano friends







In your science notebook, take notes and draw a picture about what you learned from this video.

This is a map in the Philippines. Scroll around and see how many Volcanos you can see and write them down in your science notebook.

Watch this entire video and answer the questions below: Where does the word Volcano come from? On what planet is the tallest Volcano?

You found the secret video! Next week we are going to be doing this same experiment!

In this video, it includes an experiment at the end of the video.Watch the video all the way through and take notes on how they did this experiment.Some questions to think about answering:What materials did they use in this experiment?What safety gear are they wearing for this experiment?Would you like to try an experiment like this in class?

What is a Volcano?

This is a video of a Volcano eruptting.As you watch this video I want you to write down all the things you know about Volcano's eruptting that you have learned today.You can write down words, explainations, or draw me pictures about the different things you have learned today.

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