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Northeast Alabama Community College Interactive Map

College Cafe at NACC is open for business in the Student Center. Please stop in and visit Amy Aldana and her staff. Hours of operation: Monday – Friday 10:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. orders at Ext. 2351

Electric Car Charging Stations. We have two here!!

Student parking

Student parking

Library parking

Student parking

Student parking

Student parking

Student parking

Student parking for the walking trail and general parking

Student parking on the back side of the student center

Student parking

Student parking behind Pendley Administration and the Theatre.


Co. Rd. 247

Co Rd 47

Student parking

Student parking

MT: Math, Science, & Engineering Technology Center

The MT building is where you will find all your Math, Science, and Engineering Technology Classes. There is also a great hangout space in the lobby and an amazing study space on the first floor.Free tutoring is available in MT 104.

Take a look inside MT's hang-out space.

The Social Science building is home to History, Psychology, Criminal Justice, and speech classes. You will find instructors' offices and classrooms in this building. The Trouper and Roscoe sculpture is just behind this building.

SS: Social Science & Criminal Justice Building

The Annex Building is the home of the NACC Bookstore, Textbooks Etc.

Annex Building

The Library, as we call it, is your source for research help and leisurely book reading. It has many hang-out spaces, books, periodicals, computers, charging stations, and more. Be sure to check out the art hall and the exhibits in the archive space upstairs. You will also find the Child Development Program in this building.

LI: Cecil B. Word Learning Resources Center

Did you know that our great librarians can help you learn how to use library guides online? Stop by the circulation desk and ask for help. Click the link button on the library page to explore the online library.

Did you know you can check out a laptop and a MiFi in the library if you need one? Check with the librarian for availability.

The Workforce Development building is home to Advanced Design and Manufacturing and The Alabama Technology Network (ATN) Center. This building also has a kitchen, dining space, and several classrooms.

WD: Workforce Development Building

Did you know that this program offers six different tracks? Check out the program link on the main page for more information.

For questions about the Advanced Design and Manufacturing Program, you can call Kelly DeAngelis at 256-638-4418 x2286 or email her at deangelisk@nacc.edu

New Mustang Softball Complex

This is the home of NACC Women's Softball, which will begin in the fall of 2024. It will house a state-of-the-art softball field and practice facility.

Did you know we have softball players from all over the United States coming to play softball at NACC?

In the Business Education Building, you can find the Technology Learning Center (TLC) lab, which has computers, printers, and even some snacks to help you get your schoolwork done. There is a great group space called the Zoom Room and a recording room to record all your assignments for class! There are also classrooms and computer labs in this building, where many business classes are taught. BE is also home to the Office Administration Classes. It is also home to NACC Esports Team "Mustang Gaming"

BE: Harry Campbell Business Education Building

Did you know that Ms. Judith Lea, the director of the TLC lab, can also help you with questions related to Canvas LMS? Contact leaj@nacc.edu for help.

Esports is an amazing opportunity to do what you love and meet new people. We have Tier 1 and Tier 3 Teams, and our teams are great!

The NACC walking/nature trail begins on the north end of campus and circles a four-acre lake. Just before you get to the Y in the trail, you will find the final resting place of Trouper and Roscoe, the beloved NACC campus mascots. This is a great place to stop, sit, and reflect.

Trouper and Roscoe's Grave and Memorial

The English building houses all your English and literature classes. It also houses the Student Government Association and Sigma Kappa Delta Honor Society. Visit the English Writing lab in EN 120 for free tutoring.

EN: English Building

Did you know that the English Honor Society Sigma Kappa Delta is also housed in the English building.

This is the Wallace Administration building. You can pay your bills, meet with an advisor, explore careers, and work on financial aid all in this one location.

WA: George C. Wallace Administration Building

Did you know you can pay your tuition on campus at the Wallace building or sign up for a payment plan on Banner SSB in your MyNACC.

The Gym houses our Visual arts, Music, and Adult Education departments, as well as our Gymnasium, weight room, and Music Auditorium. In this building, we hold events like the Holiday Gala and intramural sports.

GY: William M. Beck Health and Fine Arts Building (GYM)

The PEARSON TESTING CENTER is located in room 227!

Student organizations happen all over campus, but the GYM houses many of our intramurals.

The Student Center is home to

  • Kahava Cafe
  • College Cafe
  • Admissions Office
  • Dual Enrollment
  • Campus Police
  • Student Services - Center For College Success
  • The Dean of Students office
Did you know you could check out a computer from our kiosk in the Student Center?

SC: Student Center

Get your parking pass in the Admissions office.

For help with Admission or to find out more about parking permits and student IDs call 256-638-4418 ext. 2224

Drop by the Student Center to Tech it Out!

Get your student ID here in the Admissions office.

If you have an emergency call the Campus Police at 256-609-1060

The daring spirit and ambitious dreams of Northeast Alabama Community College could never be represented by a single mascot, and that’s why we have two. Roscoe, the wandering Labrador, and Trouper, the wild yet gentle Mustang, friends to this campus for years, embody the ideals of friendship, family, and community NACC hopes to share with all who come to this campus. We are tasked to be educators, and so Roscoe and Trouper have been educated here, too, in their way, learning how to be the best versions of themselves – what all of us want for each other, and what NACC seeks to achieve with every student who attends. It’s this desire for personal and educational excellence that has made NACC one of the best community colleges in the South. Roscoe, a stray who wandered onto our campus, into our classrooms, and then, yes, into our hearts, belongs to everyone here now. He has brought us together and allowed us an unexpected and surprising friendship we value beyond words. Trouper, an authentic Western Mustang who was once too wild to ride, is still proud and strong but now also a living symbol of the worlds that can open up to us when we allow ourselves the virtue of companionship with others who may be different from us. They have both brought such joy to this campus and have brought us closer to the communities we serve. To even call them mascots seems a disservice, because they represent who we are: a home for those who are looking for one. Like Roscoe and Trouper, come to NACC on as many legs as you have. You are welcome here. We didn’t find them, after all: they found us. --Daniel Wallace

Trouper and Roscoe Statue

This is a collaborative sculpture that Associate Dean of Instruction Barbara Kilgore worked on with Katie Adams, Craig Wedderson, Ringo Lisko, and Jonathan Lanier

IC: Industry Training Center

The Industrial Training Center is home to our Building Sciences program. Here you can learn how to do electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and building.

Did you know you could learn how to install acoustic ceiling tiles, concrete, drywall, electrical, masonry plumbing roofing, stone, tile, and so much more?

The HE building is home to our Nursing, Medical Assisting, and EMS Programs. It has many classrooms and state-of-the-art simulation labs for our medical students.

HE: Health Education Building

Did you know that our Nursing programs, through a partnership with UAH, offer students the opportunity to work on their RN and BSN simultaneously?

You can email or call the nursing department for more information at williamsonm@nacc.edu or call 256-638-4418 ext 2299

PA: Charles M. Pendley Administration Building

  • The Pendley Administration building houses the
  • President's office
  • Dean and Associate Dean of Instruction
  • Dean of Workforce Development
  • Technology
  • Computer Science Department
  • Registrar's office
In this building, you will also find some computer labs and classrooms.

Did you know that you can get IT support by emailing etshelp@nacc.edu

Our College President, Dr. David Campbell, would like to welcome you to NACC Campus!

The Technology Training Center houses Industrial Systems Technology and Industrial Electronics.

TC: Technology Training Center

Did you know that companies depend on complex electronic equipment for various functions, and we can teach you how to fix them?

IS: Industrial Systems Technology Center

The Industrial Systems Technology Center houses programs like Welding and Machine Tool Technology

The NACC Tennis and Pickleball courts are great places for students to exercise and enjoy fun competitions. These courts are open any time school is in session. Join the Mustangs intermural Pickleball League. Games are held on Tuesdays from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

NACC Tennis and Pickleball Courts

New Workforce Development Center

The new 50,000-square-foot facility will house advanced laboratory space for programs centered on advanced design and manufacturing, industrial systems technology and maintenance, precision machining and building construction technology. The center will have flexible space to interchange up to six programs as the local workforce needs. State-of-the-art lab space will be used to train students in the uses of computer numerical control (CNC) machine tools, modern advanced automation systems, electrical and mechanical troubleshooting processes, 3D printing and modeling equipment, and many crafts areas specific to the building construction industry, such as HVAC, plumbing, carpentry, industrial electronics, mechatronics and more. The facility will also feature a community meeting room to host industry partners, space for Skills U.S.A. and administrator office space.

Did you know we are getting a new state-of-the-art Workforce Development building that will house many of these programs in the future?

The NACC walking/nature trail begins on the north end of campus and circles a four-acre lake. The trail itself is .7 miles in length and leads past an outdoor classroom and picnic area. Northeast personnel, students, and the community are welcome during daylight hours.

NACC Walking Trail

Outdoor Classroom

The Lyceum is home to the NACC theater program. It houses Theater classes and all our plays. Many events are also held in the Lyceum and its large lobby.

LY: Tom Bevill Lyceum

Great events like the Latino Festival happen at this building.