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bell hooks


  • Watched the lectures
  • Completed the pre and post lecture tasks

Before the Seminar

Make sure you have

  • You have 2 minutes
  • What does this cover suggest the book is about? Put ideas, phrases and images on the Padlet below?
Seminar 1 - Class brainstorm


In Groups(10 - 15 mins)

  • What identities do you think about most often?
  • What identities do you think about least often?
  • What identities would you like to learn more about?
  • What identities have the strongest effect on how you perceive yourself?
  • What identities have the greatest effect on how others perceive you?
Take a few minutes to reflect individually before discussing as a groupBe prepared to feedback on
  • What did I learn about my (or other people’s) identities?
  • What is the value of critically reflecting on our identities?

Task 1 - Social identity wheel

Think, pair share (2 min)

  • Can you remember what 'cultural criticism is?
  • In pairs you have 2 minutes to come up with your own definition
For seminar 2, in groups of 4-5 (no bigger!) you must bring a clip from a film which has a portrayal of either race, gender or class (maybe more that one of them)
  • Before seminar 2 as a group chose and watch the clip and take note of any stereotypes, biases, or power dynamics you observe.

Seminar 2 - Preparation

Seminar Two


  • Opener -in pairs you have 2 minutes to recall as many words as possible associated with hooks
  • Ready, steady .... go

  • In your group you should have come prepared with a clip
  • You have 15 minutes to discuss your observations and insights about the representations depicted in the clip.
  • How are race, gender, and class depicted in the media clip?
  • What stereotypes or biases are present?
  • How do these representations reflect or challenge dominant power structures?
  • What are the implications of these representations for individuals and society?
Be prepared to feedback
Cultural Criticism
Task Cultural Criticism