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The Art of Being

Sonia Delaunay


Before we begin...
1. Come up with at least 3 questions you want to ask right when you read the following words. 2. Write as many things as you know or you think you know when you read the words.3. Explain what you think this Unit will be about.You will have 3 and a half minuntes to do so, so write quickly!
Let's go!
Before we begin...
This is the template you will be given to write down the previous items.


Orphism harmonious Contrast Orpheus TERTIARYpoet 20th centuryPRIMARY COLORS and shapes SImultaneous ancient Greek mythology symbol SECONDARYLight and shade bloommovement COMPLIMENTARYdynamism ANALOGOUSAbstract

Mind Map Musts!


Mind Map examples

After completing your Worksheet...1. Watch this and read this content and take notes. 2. Share your notes with the people in your table. Decide what is important and what is not and choose some key ideas.3. Design a Mind Map with the important information you have learned and make sure to point out the key ideas your group selected.
Sonia Delaunay's Art
Use watercolor pencils to complete the worksheet.Which are the scondary colors?You have 10 minutes.


Primary Colors & Secondary Colors

Secondary Colors

Primary Colors

Primary Colors & Secondary Colors
Let's experiment with colors a bit more...Use watercolor pencils to complete the worksheet.You have 15 minutes.


Tertiary Colors
Tertiary Colors
Using only the 3 primary colors, complete the Color Wheel with all 12 colors we have worked on: 3 primary colors3 secondary colors6 tertiary colors. Make sure you color them in the right order.


Color Wheel

In which picture would you need a sweater? Why? What makes you feel this way?

Sonia Delaunay Dixit