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What are BiocideProduct Regulations?

Safety Data Sheets


What are BPRs?

All rodenticides are classed as biocidal products, and they must be approved under the Biocidal Product Regulations before they can be sold. This means that they must be proven to be safe, that they work, and that they comply with other animal welfare regulations. The manufacturer must ensure that their product is used in the way it is meant to be. To make sure that you know how you are meant to use the product, they put the key information on the product label.The same product may be approved for use in different countries, but the way it is used might be different depending on national laws. This is shown on the product label.

Product labels

Biocide product labels are mandatory. The label is a legal document. You must follow the instructions on the label - if you don't, you could be liable to be prosecuted. The label will tell you:

  • The field of use
  • What pests it can be used against
  • Who can use the product
  • The maximum dose
  • Other restrictions

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

SDSs give more detailed information about the product and can be used by workers and emergency responders. They form a vital source of information for COSHH assessments. They include:

  • Health hazard symbols
  • Physical data
  • First aid
  • Storage
  • Disposal
  • PPE
  • Spill-handling procedures
All SDSs are made in the same format, no matter the manufacturer of the product.