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Genetic engineering

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The Job. Genetic engineers experiment with altering, splicing, eliminating, and rearranging genes to obtain specific results. They use a variety of techniques such as mutagenesis, transposon insertions, selective breeding, and recombinant DNA technology to alter the genetic material of cells.

What does a genet engineer do?

As such, the process to become one of these highly trained specialists involves hard work and dedication. It's not a perfect job for everyone, but for many it could be a dream career.

Is it hard to be a generic engeenir

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) predicts that employment for biochemists and biophysicists (careers under which genetic engineers are often categorized) is expected to grow 6 percent through 2028, a rate that is about as fast as the average for all careers.

Is genetic engineering a growing career?

Genetic engineers with a master's degree and a few years of expertise can expect to earn between INR 6- 12 lakh per year. Senior genetic engineers with a Ph. D. and several years of expertise can earn incomes that exceed INR 12 lakh per year, and in certain cases, salaries that approach INR 20 lakh per year.

How much do human genetic engineers make?

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