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Ariely's Snakesand Ladders

Roll the dice!

All else equal, when deciding to bring a friend to a bar to help you pickup a date, you should do the following:a) Bring an attractive friend who looks as though he/she could be your twinb) Bring an unattractive friend to make you look better in contrastc) Bring along friend who is similar but a slightly less attractive version of youd) Bring a friend who is drop dead gorgeous

Question 1



Players start with a token - which represents each of them - in the initial square and take turns rolling the die. The tokens move according to the numbering on the board, in ascending order. If, at the end of a move, a player lands on a square where a ladder begins, they move up it to the square where it ends. If, on the other hand, they land on a square where a snake's tail begins, they move down it to the square where its head ends.If a player rolls a 6, they can move twice in a single turn. If a player rolls three consecutive 6's, they must return to the initial square and cannot move their token until they roll a 6 again. The player who reaches the final square is the winner.There is a variation where, if a player is six or fewer squares away from the end, they must roll precisely the number needed to reach it. If the number rolled exceeds the number of remaining squares, the player cannot move.


If the player falls on the bottom of a ladder, they move up to the top square where the ladder ends.

If the player lands on a square where the tail of a snake starts, they go down to a lower square where the headis located.





In what way does human decision-making resemble that of a gosling (duckling)?a) It takes time for us to make the right decisionsb) First decisions become imprinted for a long timec) We need someone to teach us survival skillsd) We follow the first adult figure we see when we are born

Question 2

The idea behind the cost of zero cost is:a) People overvalue what they get for freeb) People believe that they deserve to get things for freec) People undervalue what they get for freed) People often get overly excited by items that are free when conducting cost-benefit calculations

Question 4

In the experiment where participants had to choose between Lindt truffles and Hershey's Kisses, what was the outcome when the price of both chocolates were reduced by one cent (making the Hersey's free)?a) More participants chose the Lindt trufflesb) More participants chose the Hershey's Kissesc) The number of participants choosing each option remained the samed) Participants refused to choose either option

Question 3

Explain why 'Free Museum Days' may not actual feel 'free' or be the best option for some individuals?

Question 5

Based on behavioral economic theory, which offer will be the most successful for an online shopping site?a) Send customers an offer for one item at 50 percent off the retail priceb) Send customers an offer where if they buy one item at full price, they get another one for freec) Send customers a coupon for free shipping with a purchase over $20.d) Send customers an offer where if they refer 2 friends to the website and they make a purchase, they get a $20 credit.

Question 6

Provide the following:1. One clear example of when receiving something for free benefits individuals 2. One clear example of when obtaining something for free leads indivudals to make mistakes

Question 7

What did Ariely's experiments involving deadlines reveal about procrastination?a) Deadlines affect people's cognitive ability to complete tasks earlyb) Deadlines have no effect on people's tendency to procrastinatec) People tend to procrastinate more when deadlines are distantd) People become more efficient at completing tasks when deadlines are removed

Question 8

In the experiment involving students and assignment deadlines, what was the outcome when students were allowed to set their own deadlines?a) Students completed the assignments earlier than requiredb) Students waited until the last minute to complete the assignmentsc) Students were more likely to miss their self-imposed deadlinesd) Students refused to set deadlines for themselves

Question 9

Asking a co-worker to come to your house and help you paint your living room would violate social norms if:a) You paid them $5.00 to do itb) You gave them tickets to a basketball gamec) You promised to baby-sit their kids for them that eveningd) You first told them how miserable your life has been over the last six months

Question 10

If you managed a car-sharing service (ZipCar) where customers can rent a car by the hour (or fraction of an hour), what approach would you use to ensure that most people return their cars on time and increase customer long-term loyalty?a) Charge a $10 fine for every 30 minutes a car is lateb) Cancel a customer's subscription if they return a car late 3 times in a monthc) Remind them at the beginning of their rental that another customer needs to use the car after them and it is their responsibility to get the car back in timed) Call them 10 minutes before the rental period ends and warn themthat they need to return it on time

Question 11

Give an example of where you or someone you know mixed up a social and marketnorm. What was the outcome? What could have been done to result in a better outcome?

Question 12

The CEO of a non-profit that operates a mentoring program for at-risk youth inyour community approaches you for consulting assistance. Currently, they havemore youth than adult mentors.They have heard about other mentoring programs that fixed this imbalance by offering compensation for adults to join and mentor a child. What advice would you give the organization about their recruitmentstrategy and this possible option?

Question 13

The main issue with procrastination is:a) I don’t feel like answering now, I’ll answer laterb) We fail to properly plan our workload over timec) We succumb to the temptation of the momentd) We succumb to the planning fallacy

Question 14

In order to get the best work from her students, Mrs. Holcomb should:a) Set deadlines that are evenly spaced throughout the courseb) Let students choose their own deadlinesc) Require students to complete all work by end of semesterd) Give students a flexible schedule so that they could adjust theirschedule as needed

Question 15

Retirement savings is at all-time low in the United States. Come up with a creative way to get Americans to save more.

Question 16

Ariely illustrates the concept of relativity using which example?a) Pricing of diamondsb) Speed limits on highwaysc) Menu options at a restaurantd) Buying groceries in bulk

Question 17

What did Ariely find in his experiments regarding the decoy effect?a) People consistently chose the option that was most expensiveb) People tended to avoid choosing options that were extremely cheapc) People's preferences between two options changed when a third, less attractive option was introducedd) People preferred options that were more expensive, regardless of their quality

Question 18

According to Ariely, what psychological effect does the concept of "free" have on people?a) People perceive free items as having lower value than items with a costb) People are more likely to choose items labeled as "free," even if they are of lower qualityc) People are less likely to be influenced by promotions offering free itemsd) People tend to value free items more than items they have to pay for

Question 19

What did Ariely's experiments with Amazon's Super Saver Shipping reveal?a) People were willing to pay extra for faster shippingb) People were less likely to purchase items when free shipping was offeredc) People spent more money to qualify for free shippingd) People were indifferent to shipping costs when purchasing items online

Question 20

Think about black pearls...Now answer the following:1. How were black pearls seen prior to Assel?2. What did Assel do to change the black pearl market?3. How did he accomplish this?4. How are black pearls seen now?

Question 21

Should you make the first offer when asking for a raise, or wait for your boss to propose an offer to you?a) I'm scared right now!b) Make the first offerc) Wait for your boss to proposed) My boss is proposing?

Question 22

Ariely asked participants to drag as many circles as they could, and measured how many circles they dragged within five minutes. 3 groups completed this task, who completed the most and why?a) those paid $5b) those paid 50 centsc) those paid nothingd) those paid $10

Question 22

How did Dan Ariely battle procrastination during his hepatitis C treatment?a) By scheduling his injections at specific times of the dayb) By purchasing movies to watch during his injectionsc) By avoiding thinking about his treatment until the last minuted) By delegating the responsibility of administering his injections to someone else

Question 23

What lesson did Ariely learn from his experience with hepatitis C and battling procrastination?a) Procrastination can be overcome by setting strict deadlinesb) Finding enjoyable distractions can help mitigate procrastination tendenciesc) Procrastination is an inherent part of human behavior and cannot be changedd) Seeking external motivation is the only way to combat procrastination

Question 24

What is the main implication of the findings in Predictability Irrational for businesses and marketers?a) Consumers always make purchasing decisions based on rational calculationsb) Businesses should focus solely on price reductions to increase salesc) Social norms and context significantly influence consumer behaviord) Consumers are immune to marketing strategies that appeal to emotions

Question 25

How does Ariely's exploration of procrastination relate to broader issues of self-control?a) Procrastination is a minor issue compared to other forms of self-control failureb) Procrastination is indicative of a lack of self-disciplinec) Procrastination illustrates the challenges individuals face in resisting immediate gratificationd) Procrastination is unrelated to broader issues of self-control

Question 26

What is Ms. Holcomb's dogs name?

Question 27

1. Explain what is going on in this image2. Correct label the effect

Question 28

1. Why wouldn't we compare these two athletes?2. Provide an example of two things we can compare and why!

Question 29

1. Ms. Holcomb attempted to show you this effect in class with the following example:

Question 29

What effect were we alluding to?Give another example of this effect and explain how this effect works

What was your favorite thing you learned in Social Psychology?How does it impact you now and how has learning about the topic changed your behavior?

Question 31