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Dynamic risk assessement



3. the plan should consider what can be seen and what might happen – asking ‘what if?’


What if a child walks out from cars?

What if someone doesn’t see me?

What if another vehicle approaches?

What if a car pulls away from the kerb?

What if a car door opens?

Another way to remember your hazard awareness is by IPSGA - Click the letters to reveal information.







nformation – What can we see? What is the environment like? Is there parked cars? What is the weather like? Are there people around? Look, listen, smell, feel for hazards.

osition – Do we have space? Do we have the best view on the road ahead? Is anything blocking the road?

peed – What is the speed limit? Do we need to go slower to be safe? Expect to go even slower if anything moves or changes. For any manoeuvring or reversing, the speed of your vehicle show be no faster than a walking pace or even slower based on your assessment of risks.

ear – What gear do we need? Your gear should always low and slow for any kind of slow speed manoeuvre.

cceleration – Depending on the gear maybe no acceleration is needed at all. If acceleration is needed it should be gentle. Control the speed.

Goal – Get Out and Look


This will allow you to visualise the manoeuvre and judge whether the manoeuvre is appropriate.

It will allow you to visually check for hazards around your vehicle, for example parked cars or pedestrians.

If you are with a mate, it allows you to discuss how you will tackle any hazard together.

You can check down the road for any upcoming hazards.

It will allow you to check your rear doors are secure prior to departing.


Tips and Pointers


To Recap: (Click all the box's)

Open windows

Take effective observation

Look, listen, smell

Manoeuvring is a team task

Stay alert

Plan well ahead

Follow a disciplined routine

Actively minimise risk

Height or width restrictions


Parked vehicles

Overhanging objects

Minimise reversing

Vulnerable road users

Fold door mirrors in

Leave space to move away safely


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