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Zora Reynolds


What Does It Mean To Me?

To me, good versus evil is all about a person's morality or actions. Meaning you either do things that would be considered right, or wrong. Similar to yin-yang, good v. evil are the complete opposite of each other, in which good should always beat (or defeat) evil. For example, as everyone can agree, killing an innocent person is morally wrong and would be an act done out of malicious intent. Doing a good deed as in giving back to the homeless or shelters would be morally right and something done with good intent.

Paradise Lost follows the story of how Satan was thrown out of Heaven in his attempt to rebel against God. In the story, it is said that Satan entices Adam and Eve into eating the forbidden fruit from The Tree of Knowledge which ultimately gets them removed from Heaven as well. Because of this Satan and all the deflecting angels who rebelled alongside him were casted out of Heaven and into Hell. This is where Satan and his best friend, Beelzebub, vow to only do the opposite of good.

We tend to see the good vs. evil theme a lot within Disney. One of the most famous ones being in The Lion King. The Lion King is a fictional and animated movie that follows the adventures of young to full grown Simba, a lion cub who ran away from home after being forced to believe he was the cause of his father's death during a stampede. After finding out Scar (uncle of simba, brother of mufasa) has destoryed the pridelands, Simba returns home demanding him to step down from the thrown. Scar refuses and the two begin to fight, where Scar blantantly admits to the murder of Mufasa, Simba's father. Simba wins the battle and Scar is later killed by a pack of hyenas.

The Lion King and Paradise Lost share many similarities when it comes to the battle of Good vs. Evil. The biggest similarity may be Scar's jealousy for Mufasa almost mirrors Satans envy towards God. Ultimately the actions of both Scar and Satan get them banished from the places they once called home. Another similarity would be both Satan and Scar had a army or group who rebelled alongside them. Though this is similar in both stories, only in one story does the antagonist betray his army. While Satan alongside Beelzebub vowed to do nothing but bad and stay in hell, Scar later betrays and blames the hyenas for his actions. Taking it as far as calling them "revolting scavengers".


The man was as malicous as Scar and as dangerous as Cain. He used people for his own greed and benefit which caused for his downfall within the village.

Maleficent: Mistress of Evil is a movie that follows the story of Dark Phoenix Fae, Maleficent. Maleficent and adoptive daughter, Aurora, travels outside the Moors and across the border to the kingdom, where Aurora is scheduled to soon marry Prince Philip. Here is where Maleficent meets King John and Queen Ingrith, a woman with a deep hatred for fairies. Ingrith plans a henious plan to destroy the entirety of the Moors (the home of all fairires) and in the process turns Aurora against her adoptive mother. Maleficent bands together with other fae's, whom she didn't know existed, to beat Queen Ingrith and save the Moors from completely being destroyed.

I think the movie Maleficent: Mistress of Evil has many similiarities and differences. More differences but theres are similarities as well. Just how Satan betrayed God, I feel as though Aurora did as well. Only difference is, Aurora's pride and ego didn't stop her from apologizing. She was then forgiven.

When she got mad she blew up like Maleficent. Her eyes became wide and you could feel her presence from a mile away.


On a scale from 1-10, when it comes to the balance of good v. evil in Maleficent: Mistress of Evil I would definitely give it a soild 9.5. I rank it high not only because of the plot within the movie but simply from the title alone, people would think the Mistress of Evil would be her until you actually watch the movie. I also think it's the perfect balance of the two.

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