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The Digital Skills Gap

The Digital skills gap is defined as the lack of digital skills held by workers and the number of skilled workers needed to push growth in the tech business.The size of the digital skills gap is a very big issue. It is said that it will cause 85 million jobs to be unfilled due to the major size of the difgital skills gap within current workers.The issues that are raised include training and retraining workers, integrating digital skills into schools and education systems and promoting these sort of career paths for the future generation

What is the Digital Skills Gap?


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The government can implement better digital learning in schools so the future generation can have a better understandingOrganisations like Crowdskills have already started to solve the gap by matching local organisation with talented graduates from universities and apprenticeships which are suited for the job role.By Indiviuals - Looking at degrees, pathways and courses which specify digital learning as the world is becoming more digitised each day.

What can be done to solve the problem?

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