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By Tia and Leah

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Supporting EAL

Other things it may teach

  • How words combine into phrases and clauses
  • What makes up a complete thought
  • How different types of word order affect meaning
  • How metaphors work
  • How idioms function
  • How similes and metonyms operate

Colourful semantics is a resource useful for teaching children the meaning of individual words whilst also learning how to form sentences. This shows students how to apply these skills to their own writing. As a bonus it creates a foundation for analysing sentences which will make it easier to use scaffolding in the future. Colourful semantics is relevant to Kemps theory which emphasises the importance of learners having a strong grasp of a concept instead of a general understanding.

Colourful semantics

c. Friendships

b. Analysing sentences

a. Phonics

What's one benefit of colourful semantics?



Try again !

Since Yusuf is in year 1, ideally continuous provision is in place for his age group. At such a young age learning through play is most effective as it makes the school day a lot more engaging and children are much more willing to learn, especially since a lot of the time they aren't aware learning is happening. "Jerome Bruner believed that children construct knowledge and meaning through active experience with the world around them. He emphasized the role of culture and language in cognitive development, which occurs in a spiral fashion with children revisiting basic concepts at increasing levels of complexity and abstraction."Tuff tray activities surrounding phonics like the picture or writing letters/phonetical sounds in sand and sounding them out as well as any other activity a practitioner could come up with awill be helpful to revisit phonics again and again in different formats to make it fun.

Tuff trays!


What would be a benefit of tuff trays?

  • Easy to differentiate
  • Essentially endless possibilities
  • Promoting friendships
  • Listening and language skills
  • Creativity
  • Promoting independence

If you said...

Children can listen to these at home or at school, even if a song is playing during morning task or tidy up time, a catchy one will stick

For a more broken down approach, alphablocks has a video on each letter of the alphabet.

To recap all phonetical sounds of the alphabet.

Let's learn through music!

c. Engaging
b. Language rich
a. Positive

What kind of environment should we create for Yusuf?

No wrong answer!

  • Though we wouldn't necessarily work alongside the SALT we could still have a conversation with them.
  • Teachers from reception, to find out what they have in place.
  • Yusuf's parents, send reading books home.

Working in partnership

Thank you!