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We recently asked the Strathnairn community to fill out a short survey about our community transport service.

SCATA Survey

Click the bus to see your thoughts and suggestions.

With 45 responses in total, we were delighted with the number of you that took part in the survey.

Before we begin...

Thank you for taking the time to leave your thoughts.


What do you know already?

We were keen to find out who already knows about our service.

93% of you knew Strathnairn has a community bus, which is great!

And 82% of you knew that anyone living in Stathnairn could request use of the bus.


What about free use of the bus?

SCATA is actually free to use for certain groups in Strathnairn!

However, not all of you knew this!


If you are over 60, under 22, or consider yourself to have a disability, then you can use SCATA at no cost.

And what about the future?

We were so pleased to see that 93% of you would consider using our bus in the future.

As part of the survey, there was also the opportunity to leave general comments.

We had some fantastic suggestions, so click the button below to have a look at what you said!


Advertising our service...

was something you felt we could do better on.

Click the speech bubbles to reveal a comment:


More posters advertising the service

There's no facebook page or website

Advertise so people know when the bus is available

More information on how to access the service

was also a very popular suggestion.

Online booking system would be good

An online availability checker could encourage usage

As was a new vehicle:

Online booking

Click each icon to reveal a suggestion


It would be great if one day the bus could be electric and have a charging point at the hall

Newer and larger buses, a 12 seater bus

Two buses, or a small car added to the fleet for one person use

More specific trips, routes, or schedules

were raised by many of you.

Click the speech bubbles to reveal a comment:

Dedicated times for shopping runs

Regular trips around community events like otago or the cafe

A route map or timetable

I am reluctant to call upon volunteers to take me to an appointment. If I knew several were going somewhere at the same time, I may change my mind


So, what's next?

In terms of next steps, we need to consider your suggestions and look at which are the most feasible to implement in SCATA.

We run mainly on volunteer power, so please be patient with us while we decide how best to progress the excellent feedback you gave us.

if you have further comments or suggestions, or would like to know more about volunteering, then please contact strathnairncommunitytransport@gmail.com

Thank you again!

We hope to update you again in the coming months.