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High Buyers Bargaining Power

High Rivalry among Existing Competitors


Porter's Forces

Low Supplier Bargaining Power

Medium Threat of Substitutes

Medium to High Threat of New Entrants

  • Alternative food choices for customers
  • Low switching cost
  • Low propensity to substitute

  • Low uniqueness of supplier’ products
  • Vast supplier selection
  • Low switching costs to change suppliers

  • High price sensitivity
  • High information availability
  • High ability to substitute


  • Low industry concentration
  • Intense competition from private labels
  • Mature market with static growth
  • Local brand loyalty

  • Low barrier to enter
  • Low cost of capital
  • Low swtiching cost for customers


Interactivity and animation can be your best allies when it comes to creating tables, infographics, or graphs that help provide context to the information and simplify the data for your audience. We are visual beings and find it easier to 'read' images than to read written text.

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With Genially templates, you can include visual resources to leave your audience speechless. You can also highlight specific phrases or information that will be etched into your audience's memory, and even embed external content that surprises: videos, photos, audios... Whatever you want!


To remove interactivity...It's as simple as clicking on the icon, use the editor to make the changes you want, and click on save.

Write a great headline

La interactividad y la animación pueden ser tus mejores aliadas a la hora de crear tablas, infografías o gráficos que ayuden a dar contexto a la información y simplificar los datos para traducirlos ante tu público. Somos seres visuales y nos resulta más sencillo 'leer' imágenes, que leer untexto escrito.

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