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case study.



Goal conversions from website traffic increased by 400%

An under-performing website



Bank of content mapped to each stage of the sales funnel



Developed targeted lead magnet assets that are timely yet evergreen


Low volume of content targeting prospects


A time-sensitive opportunity to stand out


400% increase in website goal conversions

Our client

Wicket Labs is an AI-driven data dashboard for streaming video services. It enables over-the-top (OTT) broadcast platforms and media companies to unlock engagement insights that increase the lifetime value of their audience.

The opportunity

Wicket Labs is a growing startup with a strong presence in North America. Dramatic increases in OTT video content consumption presented the company with a unique opportunity to quickly expand its content offering in order to help prospects navigate the hurdles ahead. The company wanted to engage prospective customers and increase the effectiveness of its website in driving qualified leads into the sales funnel. Wicket Labs decided to work with Isoline to create a content campaign that would increase organic search visibility, and amplify the impact of existing marketing channels. The objective? Drive traffic to a series of evergreen lead magnets, strategically created to be timely yet relevant beyond the confines of the pandemic.

The campaign

To drive leads to its platform through the website and other existing marketing channels, by:

Using deep-dive content to position themselves as a leading industry voice.

Increasing awareness of its Wicket Scorecard platform among target audiences.

Leveraging an evergreen content library for sustainable lead generation.


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case study.

The solution

We built a multi-faceted campaign, leveraging Wicket Labs’ existing SEO visibility. Our strategy centred on nurturing and expanding the traffic funnel, with expert-led blog content and compelling lead magnet assets to systematically convert leads into valuable prospects.

Our tactics

The results

Overall, our strategy helped increase goal conversions (downloads, contact us form completions, etc) from website traffic by 400%, leading to a strong increase in marketing-generated leads. The Wicket Labs resource centre has become a valuable channel for communicating its expertise and attracting the attention of prospects, with every lead magnet asset continuing to generate downloads long after initial publication as a result of search visibility.

Organic search traffic increase

Total monthly website views increase

downloads for new evergreen lead magnet content

Keyword research

Content narrative

Lead magnet assets


Created data-driven lead magnet assets that were both tactical and timely yet offered, actionable advice to prospects and customers.

Developed a content narrative that spanned thought leadership, technology focus, expert advice, and platform use cases. This enabled us to craft content that mapped to each stage of the sales funnel.

Conducted longtail keyword and prospect pain point analysis to inform the content calendar and increase organic visibility.



An under-performing websiteLow volume of content targeting prospectsA time-sensitive opportunity to stand out

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Goal conversions from website traffic increases by 400%Bank of content mapped to each stage of the sales funnelDeveloped targeted lead magnet assets that are timely yet evergreen

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Wicket Labs wanted to address marketing and editorial teams within OTT video streaming providers and broadcast platforms, as well as senior decision-makers tasked with management strategy and infrastructure investment.These audiences needed ways to easily understand and predict subscriber behaviour and quickly draw actionable insights to capitalise on the vast amounts of data at their disposal.

Target audience insights

Wicket Scorecard

Wicket Labs’ platform, Wicket Scorecard, helps OTT providers improve audience acquisition and service engagement, and reduce churn. By connecting the dots between all their back-end and third-party systems, the platform helps OTT providers ensure nothing falls through the cracks – providing a complete picture of the health of their business.