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She is my sister, her name is Aranza, she have 21 years old, she is student,






Family Sanchez



He was my granfhater, he name was Irineo Sánchez Díaz he was rancher, he liked to repait things, he has 86 years old.

She is my grandmother, she is a home wife, her name is Maria del Carmen Moran Sánchez she have 70 year old, he like cooking

They is my parents, they are called Rebeca Rosas Gadea and John Henrry Sanchez Morana, My mom is home whife and my father is rancher; she have 46 years and he 53, my mother loving read and my fahter play drums

He was my granfhater, he name was Cosme Rosas Monte negro he was rancher, he liked to finish, he was 70 years old

She was my grandmother, she name was Josefina Gadea Velázquez she was home whife, she liked to make clothes, she was 65 years old. .

My name is Geraldine Sánchez Rosas I´m student, i have 20 years old and I love listening to music

She is my sister, her name is Aranza she is student, she have 21 years, she love it go gym.

She is my older sister, her name is Zayuri, she have 23 yeas, she is paramedic, she love it read books.

She is my aunt, her name is Rogelia Rosas Gadea she is home whife, she have 55 year old, she like take care of your plants

She is my cousin, her name is Vanesa Ponce Rosas she is manager, her hobby is go to the gym

He is my uncle, he is a farmer, his name is Juan Manuel Sánchez Moran he have 45 year old, he like collect birds

He is my cousin, his name is Brando Rubio Sanchez, he is engineer, he hobby is play voleybol