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For my essay I plan to dive into the history of asthma, how it came to be known as we know it today, how technology has helped diagnose so many cases in the past few years, and see as to why the number of cases is so high

Asthma has been studied for centuries with research on the topic being dated all the way back to Ancient Greese. It can be described as a condition that causes inflamation in the lung's airways with symptomes such as coughing, weezing, tightness in the chest, and a feeling of breathlessness.This condition has several catalysts. Some of them being allergies, air polution, obeisity, past medical history, other medical conditions, and genetics.There are several different methods to diagnose this condition and there are even more ways doctors have found to treat it

Questions:- Why have the number of asthma diagnoses been rising in the past several years? - How has the improvement of technology led to the diagnosis of these patients?


New YorkTimes
NaitonalLibrary ofMedicine

These are three of the many search engines and websites I used were I was able to find an ample amount of sources


source 03





source 01

Respiratory Care: Making the Diagnosis of Asthma

source 02

A Brief History of Asthma

source 03

Why are Asthma Rates Soaring

source 04

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"Spirometry provides an objective assessment of airflow obstruction. Though physicians can generally categorize pulmonary abnormalities as obstructive based on the clinical history, they are less able to correctly predict the severity of obstruction and the degree of reversibility."

This scholarly document gives an ample amount of information on asthma, its signs and symptomes, as well as several different way to diagnose the condition. It goes into great detail on various ways to test for asthma and how each one works. This resource can be used in a number of ways.

Written by M McCormack MD and P Enright MD

Respiratory Care: Making The Diagnosis of Asthma

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"In the 19th century, a doctor named Henry Hyde Salter achieved acclaim for his accurate descriptions and medical drawings of what happens in the lungs during asthma attacks.

"In about 50 A.C.E., Pliny the Elder found links between pollen and breathing difficulties and was one of the first to recommend a predecessor of epinephrine, ... "

This article dives into the history of asthma - how people originally saw the condition and how we have gotten to how we see it now. The information dates all the way to ancient times and was medically reviewd by Debra Sullivan Ph.D., MSN, R.N., CNE, COI

Written by Adam Fellman and reviewed by Debra Sullivan

A Brief History ofAsthma

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"The collapse of the hygiene hypothesis as a general explanation for the startling jump in asthma rates has led physicians and scientists to a new realization: asthma is a much more complex condition than anyone had truly appreciated."

Greenwood notes on previous hypothesises that go along with diagnosing asthma, how they have changed, and why. She explains how this informaiton let to the new found complecity of the condistion over that past several years. There are several quotes of quality that may be used throughout my research paper.

Written by Veronique Greenwood

Why are Asthma Rates Soaring?

"For some people with asthma, a viral infection, like the flu or common cold, or use of a medication like aspirin, an Nsaid or beta-blocker, can enhance inflammation in the airways and result in labored breathing."

Brody makes it clear that there is no "one size fits all" for asmtha as the condition may not always be just one disease. Doctors continue to learn more about different types of asthma and "approaches needed to treat them...". She also talks of the importance of this research as millions of US citizens are effected by this condition.

Written by Jane E. Brody

There's No "One Size Fits All" Treatment for Asthma

Interactive Visuals

These are all instruments that coencide with asthma and the tests that lead to the diagnoses of the condition. Being a frequent user of the contents in the images below, each play a significant part in living with and handling asthma.

- When researching something, it is important to use your time wisely. No one was ever worried about looking for sources too early or having to many of them to look through. - It is also best to make sure that you have chosen a topic that interests you. Researching something you find boring leads to a boring finished product.

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