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Solving the Puzzles of Teamwork

Welcome to the Dr. Clue Virtual Treasure Hunt

Welcome to ninja initiation.To join our ninja clan, you will need to pass our ninja initiation ritual. Soon you will find a series of rooms, each protected by a padlock and a tricky puzzle.

The Situation...

Your mission:1) Decrypt 10 puzzles, opening each lock, one by one…2) Unlock at least 5 puzzles to earn your place in our ninja clan.

  • There are 10 puzzles in this hunt.
  • Click on padlock #1 and follow the link to your first puzzle
  • Solve the puzzle and answer a question
  • If successful, you will have unlocked padlock #1 and can continue to #2.


How the Hunt Works

“In St. Petersburg, find the mixed-up MENMOTNU to a PAPERGOTHRHO.”Question: What kind of dog is lying at his feet?

Sample Clue

"In St. Petersburg, find the MONUMENT to a PHOTOGRAPHER."You would then Google something like "St. Petersburg/monument/photographer" to find a photo like the one to the right. You then answer the following question (written on the clue)Q: What kind of dog is lying at his feet?A: BulldogYou would type Bulldog (or BULLDOG or bulldog—case doesn’t matter) into the blank under the lock.

Sample Clue Answer

--You must open the padlocks in order--Each opened (green) padlock is worth 5-10 points.--If no one reaches the final room, the team with the most points is the “winner”.

How it Works--cont'd

Tips and Tricks

  • Decide who will share the locks page, puzzles and various web pages
  • What group brainstorming page (Word, Notepad, Excel, etc) will you use. Annotate function perhaps?
  • Other?

Strategizing Task--5 min. --

  • Synchronize your watches
  • Copy the address of your locks page (from the chat box)
  • Head to your breakout rooms


A: parachutist, 5 pts.

Clue 1 (Reverse Clue):Search Camera Obscura for Felicity, California: Center of the World. There we asked:Q: How did its creator make his fame and fortune? --As a French-American ____________.

A: Star Hotel, 5 pts.

Clue 2 (Rebus):In Atlanta, discover a big crocodile mural by ROAQ: What is the name of the hotel with rates less than a dollar?

A: Escif, 10 pts.

Clue 3 (Marine Signal Flags):Head to Katowice, Poland and find the giant mural of an on off switch. There we asked:Q: Who is the artist?

A: Sigmund Freud, 5 pts.

Clue 4 (Keyboard):Go to this website to find a cool location in Prague: rb.gy/yh5scu. Led to Geo Greeting: "man-hanging-out sculpture".Q: Who does the guy represent?

A: Mark Cline, 5 pts.

Clue 5 (Eye Chart):"Virginia, seek Foamhenge"Q: Who is the artist who created it?

A: 20 meters, 5 pts.

Clue 6 (Skip): Head to the giant robot unicorn Gundam statue in TokyoQ: About how tall is it in meters? (Round up).

A: Godzilla, 5 pts.

Clue 7 (Pig Latin): Check out the statue on the roof of the hotel Gracery in Shinjuku, Tokyo.Q: What is it?

A: James Watson, 5 pts.

Clue 8 (Elements):Find the double helix plaque at the Eagle Pub in Cambridge. There we asked:Q: Who unveiled it?

A: Batman 10 points

Clue 9 (Alpha Numeric):«Turn these coordinates into numbers, enter them into Google, choose satellite then zoom in.»26.357896, 127.783809Q: Whose symbol is it?

A: Nibbles Woodaway, 10 pts.

Clue 10 (Time for a Change):In Providence Rhode Island, find the world’s largest bug.Q: What name did a local radio contest rechristen it?

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Solving Virtual Teamwork--One Clue at a Tim

I hope you enjoyed your Dr. Clue Virtual Treasure Hunt!!!!!