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Team Work Success

Connecting Content to Data

Feedback for Growth

New Skills

Monday Night Meetings

Expectations for this class

Professionally, in this session, my goals are to gain confidence in two ways: increasing my technological experiences and applying data. To achieve this, I will recall my experiences gained through my minor statical program at KSU in my undergraduate studies that took me to Hangzhou, China, where I completed research through a course in medical epidemiology.

Soon-to-be Stephanie Day Stephens, but always a bright, Sunny Day (Shinning)!

Stephanie Day

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I am super excited to work with a talented group of ladies!

This is something I feel I know how to do, but I am expectant that I will be able to take my data analysis skills up a notch by applying them to the IDT world.

The only way to grow is by being open to hear others.

I feel I have a solid skill set in data analysis coming into this course, but I will add a lot to my toolbox.

While being live may not always fit my schedule, I am so grateful for these Zoom meetings for I know they have been a huge help in the past. I always pick up something new I would have missed on my own.

Office manager for Atlanta Event Center and Opera Night Club in Atlanta, GA.

Researched 3D printing using a silver solution and lazers with the NNCI and Ga Tech.

Compared American and Chinese college students' health through study abroad program in Hangzhou, China.

Contracted to analyze dialysis data and to create a presentation that was presented in Prague, C.R.


AP Chemistry Cert.

Gifted Certification

AP Physics 1 Cert.

M.A.T. Science, KSU (Chemistry/Physics)

Bachelor's degree in Chemistry, KSU

Lassiter HS Grad








Travel and Family are my happy places!

We had the dream wedding and honeymoon that we wished and worked for, starting when we said, "I do," on Monday, February 12, 2024. Thank you for all your well wishes last session. I wanted to share some of our weddings on the Allure of the Seas Cruise Ship and our honeymoon in Cayo Levantado, Dominican Republic.

My Interest of Late Involved All Things Wedding


I returned to Cobb County in the Fall of 2018 and taught at my alma mater. I grew up at Lassiter, literally! I took my first steps in the old gym beside my dad as he coached and taught a full legacy at LHS. He retired the year before I started teaching.

My mom always encouraged me to be anything but a teacher. She knows I have so many talents that could make much more money. Dr. Rushton told me to take just ONE of his graduate courses in the new Masters in the Arts of Teaching... I was hooked and signed on to to more schooling. My dad said, "You be so happy you went ahead and got your Masters."

This course was SO MUCH WORK, but I really enjoyed my colleagues, professors, and my takeaways that built my confidence in my skills of teaching the gifted on all spectrums.

This was an AP Certification I had been wanting as Chemistry is my comfort area. :-)

When I graduated from HS, I had enough credits to qualify as a second-semester sophomore. I decided to stay at KSU to keep all my credits and asked, "What is the hardest major?" "Biochemistry." I said, "SIGN ME UP!"

If Hillgrove HS doesn't find anyone to hire who wants to teach AP Physics I, it looks like next Spring, 2025 will be when I will put this certificate to good use.

This is my 11th year teaching. I have taught at Johns Creek, Lassiter, and, now, Hillgrove HS.