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Flowering and Nonflowering Plants

Scientists sort plants to study them. The plants in each group are alike in some way. When you classify living things, you place them into groups according to how they are alike.

Classifting plants can help you identify and understand them.

Flowering Plants

Plants with Flowers

Most plants produce seeds. Seeds can grow into new plants. Scientists classify plants with seeds into two main groups according to whether they grow flowers. A flowering plant is a plant with flowers that make seeds.

Orange tree is an example of a flowering plant

Oak tree is an example of a flowering plant.

Apple tree is another example of a flowering plant.

Non- Flowering Plants

Plants with Cones

Some plants do not grow flowers to make seeds. Coniferous trees grow cones to make seeds. Seeds grow inside each cone. The hard cone protects the seed. When the cone falls the seed spreads out.

A pine tree is a non-flowering plant that produces SEEDS.

A cypress tree is a non-flowering plant that produces SEEDS.


Not all nonflowering plants will produce seeds. Some produce a structure called a spore. Spores are more hardy than seeds. They can survive in harsh conditions. Even after a long time they can grow into a new plant..

Ferns use spores to reproduce

Moss uses spores to reproduce