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After a series of German submarines attacking smaller vessels, a U boat sunk the British Lusitania. The attack killed 128 US citizens.

Russian Revolution

Sinking of the Lusitania

Committee on Public Information


US enters WWI

WWI Timeline



After a series of German U boat attacks, the US intercapetd a telegram from them to Mexico. The message stated that Germany would ally with Mexico and Japan if the US declared war.


The Russian revolution led to the Bolsheviks gaining power. As a response, the US joined the allied forces in intevening in the Russian Civil War hoping to help overthrow the Bolsheviks.


President Wilson declared a joint seeion in congress to request to declae war on Germany. The resolution passed 82-6. This officially entered the US into WWI.


The committee was formed to manage war propoganda and garner pblic support. The Secretary of State, Secretary of War, and Secretary of the Navy were all members.

Congress passed the Selective Service Act to expand their armed forces after declaring war against Germany. It recquired all men ages 21-45 to register to be drafted for military service.

War Industries Board

Selective Service Act

Influenza Pandemic in US Troops

Espionage Act

Wilson's Fourteen Point Speech

WWI Timeline



President Wilson urged congress to pass the Espionage act to protect the Nation's intersts. It made it illegal to spread any information that could causes issues with war efforts.


The War Industries Board was made to streamline the acquisition of materias and supplies for war. It ialso created coorperation beetween deifferent branches of the military before the pentagon.


President Wilson gave a speech to congress proposing 14 points to promote world peace. This outlined peace conversations at the end of the war.


There was a massive flu outbreak that killed more people than casualties from WWI combat. It was especially prevelant among the troops and had a major impact on our forces.

The sedition act of 1918 tooke the ealier espionage act fruther by imposing harsh penalties for any time of speech not in suppiort of the US Government. This mainly targetied socialists and pacifists.

Armistice Day

Sedition Act

Formation of The League of Nations

Meuse - Argonne Offensive

Treaty of Versailles

WWI Timeline



The Meuse-Argonne offensive was one of the final allied offenses that would end the war. It was the largest mission of the American Expiditiary forces with over 1 million soldiers.


The armistice that effectively ended WWI was signed and went into effect on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. It ended fighting on the western front.


The Treaty of Versailles if the most famous treaty from WWI as it ended conflict between Germany and the Allied Powers. Germany took the blame and had to pay for the war.


A group of 41 nations that was founded in cooperation to maintain world peace after WWI. It was proposed during the 14 point speech and is now the United Nations.