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Dragon apprentice 2023/24

Team Tring

Main EventQuiz Night

Tring Christmas Lights

Bake sale

3 Types of events we hosted

Emma Norris from B&M Care

Our Dragon

Robert Breakwell from the Pepper Foundation

Our Charity

How our meetings ran:

On average, we met with our Charity and Dragon every three weeks, increasing to every week as deadlines approached. Each meeting followed a consistent process: the day before our meeting, our team would meet to outline discussion points and create a checklist which would be mentioned in our meeting. During the meeting, we updated our Dragon and Charity on recent achievements and challenges, seeking their input for problem-solving. Together, we brainstormed ideas and strategized for the best outcomes. Finally, we concluded by planning our next steps, scheduling the next meeting, and outlining agenda items.

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3 main events

As a group we carried out 3 bake sales to raise funds to help us whilst working towards the main events.


The main event being the quiz night.


The Christmas fair stall where we sold hot drinks and cakes for people on the night.


Tring Christmas Lights, a bake Sale and the planning of the bake sale


Marks the end of the challenge, final reports submitted. End event at Shendish Manor

Final Report

Bake sale at beginning of February, followed by main quiz night. Final total - £1108.82

Final Events

Finding out the battle of the band date clash, bring a new quiz night idea

Overcoming Challenge

Christmas Events






Bake Sales

Competition Timeline

The second bake sale that we did for the pepper foundation. Raising £50.37..

Bake Sale 2


The sale at Tring Christmas Light fair. Raising £213.29 profits

The first bake sale that we worked together as a group on. Raising £231.67 profit

The main event that our group ran. The quiz night which took place on Feb 9th. Raising the most of our amount at £513.49

Christmas Lights

Bake Sale 1

Quiz Night




Total raised at the events


These events included the bake sales, Christmas fair, and the main quiz night event

Overall total

During the course of our challenge, we hosted three bake sales. These events served as crucial moments for us, aiming to boost our funds for future events. We sold both store-bought treats like Fanta, Coke, and fizzy lollies alongside homemade delights such as cookies, cupcakes, and brownies. With careful budgeting and promotion, we attracted a constant flow of customers and received edible donations, effectively minimizing our expenses. The outcome exceeded our expectations, as our first bake sale generated a total revenue of £270, with an impressive profit of £184.

Bake sales

Initially, we faced a setback in securing a stall at the Christmas festival due to a need of public liability insurance. However, through collaboration with the Tring Youth Council, we found a solution and successfully operated a stall at the Tring Christmas Lights event, alongside the council on their stall. Our total expenditure on this event was £118 which encompassed, hot chocolate and Mulled apple juice as our two primary beverages, alongside baked and store-bought goods available for purchase, for example: cupcakes, cookies, brownies. The result exceeded our initial prediction, generating a profit of £256.80.

Tring Christmas Festival

Following the unexpected failure of the Battle of the Bands, our team came together to prepare for our largest event, the Quiz Night. We had to get permission from our headteacher to use the dining room and sort out logistics with the site management team. To spread the word, we used the school's social media and put up posters around school with QR codes that went to the ticket page. Each of us prepared and hosted a quiz round on the night. We also had a raffle that raised over £200, served refreshments like cakes and hot drinks, and held a silent auction. In the end, our hard work paid off, and we made a total of £586.02.

Quiz Night

Back in October, the event was launched. 15 teams took part in the competition and all groups received a charity and a business to work with. Our team's business was B&M care, and the charity we were working with was the Pepper Foundation.

Competition Launch