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Did you know there's a World Ventil8 day?

Do you know how ventilation affects people and buildings?


Did you know ventilation is said to help us sleep better?


Did you know that 6.5 million households reported some form of damp or mould?

Do you know there are building regulations for ventilation?

What do you know about ventilation?

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8th November

World Ventil8 day takes place each year on the 8th November to raise awareness of the importance of ventilation.Find out more here if you're interested.

World Ventil8 Day

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You'll learn more on this course, but to get you started, hover over the the black dots for more information. Start to get a feel for how ventilation impacts people and the homes they live in.





The importance of ventilation

It reduces our exposure to pollutants, these pollutants can exacerbate allergies and other conditions.

It helps to reduce mould and damp which can be damaging to our health, particularly anyone with an existing respiratory condition. It damages buildings too.

Mould and damp problems can also damage property. There are even building regulations that set standards for ventilation in newly built homes, and work carried out on existing dwellings.

It can help to prevent the build up of organic gases from everyday household items such as cleaning, degreasing, cosmetic and products used in hobbies.

Thermal comfort, damp and ventilation

The government surveyed householders to better understand thermal comfort, damp and ventilation in homes. Find out more hereif you're interested.

Good ventilation means a better night's sleep as it helps to maintain lower levels of CO2 in the room. If you're curious, read more here.

Breathe better, sleep better

Approved document F sets the standards for 'Means of ventilation'.Newly built homes and some upgrapes to exisiting dwellings must comply with these standards. You'll learn more about this as you work through the learning.

Building regulations