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Learning Mentor

I started my journey into tech when I ran my own business, editing the HTML and CSS in a shopify website. I did play with some liquid aswell.I signed up to a bootcamp with Firebrand and started my learning journey which I has spurred my drive to improve my skillset and expand my knowledge base. I am currently learning Power Platforms through Microsoft and gaining a deeper understanding of low code environments.I love animals, I have 2 dogs and 2 children so it's chaos here at home but I thrive on the chaos.Fun Fact: I used be a giant dancing Garden Gnome and I was also a Bellatrix lookalike for a Harry Potter event.

Hi, I'm Kim!

Objective 2

Objective 1


Learning Mentor Suitability



Adaptability and eager to learn

Personal knowledge and ongoing learning

Ability to draw on personal experiences

Learning Mentor Suitability

As a neurodiverse individual I have a personal level of understanding surrounding some of the barriers and limitations that can come along with this.This allows me to support learners more effectively and ensure that they are gaining the best support they can.As a success coach I explained this with my learners and it did gave the learners the confidence to approach and discuss things in an environment where the person they are speaking to just "gets it".

Experience as a neurodiverse individual

Scenario Presentation



Build a Plan

Once information has been gathered, a plan needs to be created.

Learner 1-1

Introduction of myself and establish an initial meeting to begin building a rapport.

In Work Mentor

Introduction of myself and establish an initial line of communication.

Establish an baseline

When taking over a cohort it is important to establish a baseline.


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Hands on experience. Gamify the process. Check learning style and create activities based around this.

Support sessions as added extra. Daily/Weekly check in. Communicate with IWM.

Plan ahead - set shorter time lines. SMART targets. Align with calendar at work - liase with in work mentor.

Lack of confidence

KSB Gaps

Time Management/Limitations.

Potential Challenges and Solutions


Learner 1-1:

  • Ask the learner what their preferred name is, any preferred pronouns.
  • Discuss learning styles with the learner and explore how they feel they learn best.
  • Query if there are any concerns and anything they feel they would like additional support with. Work through a learner assessment plan to discuss ongoing progress and combat any pitfalls
  • Discuss their motives behind completing the apprenticeship, why software? What is your favourite pert? Is there anything you don't like? Why?
  • Ensure the learner is aware of the support available e.g. safeguarding.
  • SWOT analysis and Knowledge check.
  • Preferred times and methods for communication.

In Work Mentor

As a previous LM has already been communicating with the in work mentor, it is important for me to be able to develop a positive working relationship and introduce myself.

  • Reach out and introduce myself.
  • Establish where the learner is in terms of their KSBs at work.
  • Maintain a professional relationship whilst creating a good rapport.
  • Understand what capacity they can offer in terms of getting caught up with any work learners are behind on.
  • Discuss any potential risk factors/challenges that may result in the learner getting further behind and create a plan to ensure support can be given.
  • Gain additional contact information in case they are not available.

Working across a wide range of industries I am a highly adaptable individual that learns quickly. I am also not afraid to ask questions and gain a solid understanding of any work I am undertaking.


  • Bootcamp journey
  • Starting as a Success Coach with Firebrand.
  • Able to change things on the fly based on the needs of the business/learner/manager.
  • Find learning new softwares and practices easy for me to do quickly.

Drawing on my own experience on a bootcamp allows me to relate to learners, understand some of the content that they will be learning, and offer guidance based on my learning experience.

Personal Experience

  • Held study sessions - AZ900 and Python
  • Supported learners with resources and tools for ongoing learning.
  • Created some project ideas and revision content during my bootcamp and as a SC.
  • Experience working on a mental health ward has given me the ability to recognise MH concerns and understand how to address these.

Establish a baseline:

Establishing a baseline is important to ensure, as a Learning Mentor, I have a solid understanding of where they are at with their progress and what needs to be completed.

  • Look over documentation from previous Learning Mentor.
  • Look over learner's individual work that has been previously submitted to get a understanding of how they work and what has been done.
  • Look over communication logs between previous LM, Learner, and In-Work Mentor.
  • At the initial assessment stage I would check learner's individual plan to find out if they have any barriers or additional support needs recorded.
  • Check KSBs covered, Timesheets and logs, Projects and KSBs linked.


You have been provided with a caseload of 40 apprentices, some of which are with a large employer that has an established partnership with Firebrand. Firebrand must commit to a timely achievement as it's a key factor in securing growth with this employer and to remain commercially viable as a business. The apprentices are behind target having worked with a previous Learner Mentor, please consider that the overall responsibility for the learning journey is now in your hands, so what would be your best approach moving forward to put the apprentices back on track, thinking of any potential challenges along the way or that have accumulated from the previous Learner Mentor and your method to mitigate or resolve such obstacles allowing you to eventually work towards a successful outcome. Please consider how you would position yourself to both the apprentice and their respective employer.

Leveraging my own personal knowledge surrounding software development will allow me the opportunity to effectively support learners from a knowledge perspective. Also, the potential to offer an alternative perspective on how things can be written/developed.

Knowledge and Learning

  • I hold: AZ900, AZ204, Python, and C# certifications.
  • Working on a personal portfolio myself.
  • Understanding of DSA and Big O notation.
  • Studying for CompTIA A+ and Net +.
  • Have experience with various technologies such as: Jenkins, Git, VS Code.

Create a Plan:

Establishing a baseline is important to ensure, as a Learning Mentor, I have a solid understanding of where they are at with their progress and what needs to be completed.

  • Set SMART targets for the learner to complete tasks they are behind with.
  • Ensure learner has all the resources available to them to complete the tasks.
  • Discuss any additional support required and ensure that is implemented. Safeguarding contact details if needed.
  • Set targets for work with a shorter deadline than required, giving a buffer to allow for any issues/falling behind.
  • Schedule regular meetings for progress update and maintain a line of communication with the Learner and In-Work Mentor.