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Embedding Wider Themes

Digital Literacy

Education for Sustainable Development

British Values

Prevent Duty

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

  • Summarise key information
  • Command verbs
  • Note-taking skills
  • Key terminology
  • SPaG
  • Critical thinking skills

  • Processing data
  • Time management
  • KPI measurements
  • Spreadsheet management
  • Data management
  • Coding

  • Software use
  • Microsoft office
  • Web communication; email, MS Teams, MS forms
  • VLE use

  • Digital collaboration
  • Digital creativity; presentations, podcasts, flip videos, infographics

  • Promote Green IT Practices; energy-efficient computer practices, turning off devices, power-saving modes, and impact of paper usage.
  • Digital decision-making- promote safe and ethical use of digital spaces
  • Introduce principles of sustainable software engineering such as efficient coding.
  • Incorporate sustainability into scenario-based tasks and activities.

Examples and Support

The 5 Fundamental British Values are: Democracy, Rule of Law, Individual liberty, Mutual Repect, and Tolerance

  • Increase awareness of online safety and digital citizenship, ethical use of technology, digital inclusion and accessibility, and methods of safe and appropriate communication.
  • Incorporate democratic decision-making, links to EDI, key legislation, social mobility and customer interactions.

Prevent duty is part of the UK's counter-terrorism strategy.

  • Integrate the awareness of cyber terrorism, phishing, ransomware and hacking.
  • Safeguarding policies and procedures when working online, about customer care.
  • Recognising indicators in colleagues and customers with contextualised examples in scenario-based tasks and activities.

  • Use case studies and authentic, contextualised scenarios in problem-based activities.
  • Highlight accessibility practices and inclusive digital content and communication techniques that learners should be aware of when working with customers.
  • Encourage learners to explore and appreciate the value of diversity and different viewpoints in decision-making and problem-solving.

2. Promote and embed education for sustainable development (ESD) across learning and working practices. 5. Value and champion diversity, equality of opportunity, inclusion and social equity.15. Plan and deliver learning programmes that are safe, inclusive, stretching and relevant to learners' needs.16. Select and use digital technologies safely and effectively to promote learning. 17. Develop learners' mathematics, English, digital and wider employability skills.