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An innovative approach to involve the youth and startups in Riyadh to build a Green and Sustainable Riyadh City

350,000 jobs; SAR 150B to local economy

SAR 112.5B for transportation; Plant 15 million trees

SAR 86B in water & waste management; recycle 94% waste to energy

SAR 346B into sustainability projects

68 initiatives; Carbon emissions cut by 50%

Sustainable Economic Development

Enhancing Livability and Green Initiatives

Resource Efficiency and Infrastructure Improvement

Economic Growth and Sustainability Investment

Environmental Stewardship and Carbon Emission Reduction

Lumi seeks to support KSA's vision to position Riyadh at the forefront of global sustainability efforts, in alignment with Vision 2030


  • Lumi runs online cohort-based Quests for 10-25-year-olds, guided by facilitators and experts in sustainability
  • Participants collaborate to develop innovative solutions on topics like climate change, sustainable cities, water and health
  • The Quests are sponsored by companies as part of their CSR/ESG or innovation agenda
  • The Quests also build critical skills in the youth to prepare them for the future


Develop a million young entrepreneurs, leaders and changemakers with the skills and the network to shape the future.


Build the world's leading platform that gives 10–25-year-olds agency to solve the biggest sustainability challenges facing humanity.

Lumi: Our Purpose & Product

Powerful stories and examples will develop Riyadh into a case study to emulate and attract the world to its doorstep
Quests develop a future-ready workforce that can help take critical initiatives forward over time
Quests allow youth to develop tech-enabled ideas targeting pollution, water, forestation, health etc. to change public mindsets & behaviours
A Quest is an easy & tangible way for companies to provide sponsorship, resources and volunteers
The Quests brings youth, parents, academia, industry and public in a new way on green topics
Develop Entrepreneurship, AI & Green-skills in Riyadh youth
Drive genuine innovation with potential large grassroot level impact
Provide a platform for companies to contribute
Drive Community Engagement

Lumi can involve the youth in accelerating Riyadh's Sustainability Strategy in four different ways

Select innovations showcased by The Commonwealth at COP27, COP28 and other global forums

Lumi has collaborated with 10+ companies globally who sponsored sustainability focused Quests

1500 young people have worked with 20+ sustainability experts globally in Lumi Quests

Sustainable Economic Development

Enhancing Livability and Green Initiatives

Resource Efficiency and Infrastructure Improvement

Economic Growth and Sustainability Investment

Environmental Stewardship and Carbon Emission Reduction

How Lumi Has Driven Impact
Features of Riyadh Sustainability Strategy

85+ sustainability innovations developed at Lumi from youth spanning 14 countries

Examples of how Lumi has delivered impact

  • Sustainability focused Quests with schools & university students
  • Quests will be funded by the private insurance company
  • Initial engagement duration: Q2 2024
A major private health insurance company in the KSA

Lumi is in discussions with a leading local corporate to sponsor sustainability-led Quests in collaboration with RCRC

CEO, Softlanding Saudi, Green Hub & adviser to LEK

Education, Startups & Government

Dr. Reem Al TurkiAdvisor

Former Chief Sustainability Officer, IKEA, Board Member BUPA, Decathlon

Global Sustainability Expert

Pia Heidenmark CookAdvisor

Senior British Politician, Policymaker and Business Leader

Knight, Former Member of Parliament, Former Barrister

Lord Henry BellinghamChairmanLondon

College and Career Readiness,ex-College Board

Stanford Professor & Design Thinking Leader

Ed-Tech & Multi-exit Entrepreneurex-McKinsey

15+ years in global education management, management consulting

Harish MenonVice President, InternationalDubai

23+ years as VC, Stanford Professor & design thinking expert

Dr Christopher ShenCo-founder & Chief Innovation OfficerSan Francisco

25 year track record in 5 startups. Recognised leader in global Ed-Tech

Prashant RaizadaFounder - CEO London

Lumi comprises a top-notch global team with deep experience in entrepreneurship, education, and sustainability


Incentivising users to buy less food to reduce waste!

Five 11-14 year olds

Three 14-16 year olds

Two 13 year olds

Five 12-14 year olds

Five 11-15 year olds

Two 12 year olds

Three 17 year olds

Three 15 year olds

Connecting care homes with schools globally for learning, in a safe way!

Offering grocers soon to expire food at discount - contributing a % to a good cause!

Win point & buy gifts for your virtual pet by taking shorter showers!

Allowing locals to deliver food to the elderly & disabled!

Pre-ordered school meals to reduce food waste!

An interative curriculum building awareness on forms of equality!

Our Quests have led to over 80 innovations from young people tackling various global issues locally, across 14 countries.

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Measure & improve your green impact while competing with friends!


Select Sustainability innovations were showcased at COP27 in Egypt, 2022.See what happened here

Our Quests have been showcased at COP27 and COP28

UN Conference of Parties

A Big Four Accounting Firm

A Global Healthcare Major

A UK Bank

A Major UK Bank

A Leading Tech. & Financial Info. Company

Talent-led collaboration to upskill apprentices and graduates with cutting edge future skills while solving sustainability challenges

A Global Tech Major

Impact & Outreach-led collaboration to run Quests with young people from the UK, India and Singapore and with deep involvement from employees as mentors

Knight Dragon- Global Real Estate Co.

Showcased by The Commonwealth at COP27 as a high impact venture to empower young people on the topic of Climate change
Impact focused collaboration with a UK Bank to run Future Cities & Inequality focused Quests for school students in the UK
Selected as a high potential startup within their Eco-Disruptive initiative, also sponsored to showcase innovations at the Cheltenham Literary Festival
Impact-led collaboration with Knight Dragon to run sustainability focused Quests for school students in the Greenwich Peninsula
Innovation and Impact-led collaboration with Nationwide to run Quests for underserved school students in NW England on the topic of Green Homes
Talent upskilling collaboration with a Big Four to run a quest for apprentices to develop Cybersecurity innovations

Leading global companies have sponsored Lumi Quests for schools and their young talent (select examples)


Sustainable Cities
Climate Change


Lumi will conduct Quests, designed by Stanford University faculty and based on Stanford's innovation program, with Riyadh's youth

80+ innovations tackling global issues

Influenced over 10K peopleworldwide

Over 50% of participants are female

Lumi has worked with students in 14+ countries

identified Lumi as an emerging provider in the Ed-Tech sector, 2023Showcased at the Early Stage Investor Conference as a high potential ventureShowcased by The Commonwealthat COP27

1500+ students have experienced Lumi


Lumi has worked with over 1500 students from 10-25-age group spanning 14 countries

Bring Riyadh communities together to engage and collaborate under a national cause

Community Building and Engagement

Empower Riyadh citizens to crowdsource ideas and develop tangible solutions

Innovations with Environment & Economic Impact

Develop entrepreneurial skills among Riyadh youth to create and fill jobs in the Sustainability sector

Skill Development

How Lumi Can Help RCRC

Build green spaces and enhance urban spaces

Create new private sector opportunities in environmental & sustainable urban development

Encourage healthy lifestyles and improve overall quality of life

Reduce power consumtion by building green infrastructure & improving rainwater management

Implement afforestation initiatives and green building techniques

  • Enhance Environmental Sustainability
  • Promote Energy Efficiency and Urban Resilience
  • Foster Health and Well-being
  • Drive Economic Growth and Investment
  • Drive community engagement
Our Understanding of Green Riyadh Project Objectives
Reuse of Water for Treatment
Tree Species

Lumi offers RCRC a strategic pathway to elevate Riyadh into the global top 100 livable cities by leveraging the potential of its youth.