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Professional Learning and Development

Design Personas Representing Target Demographic





The Who?

Active user of:

Reliable WIFI Home & Work

Work Laptop & Tablet

Smart Phone

Thoughts on Digital Learning

Barriers to Learning:






Learner Experience/NeedsIndustry Standards

Academic Achievement/ Certification


Nice to have


Relationships & Networking

Results or Success

Career Progression

Learning & Development

Goals & Motivations

Goals, Aspirations & Motivations

Engagement with Technology, Digital Competence & Learning

Learner Bio & Learning Preferences

John has worked in further education for the past 10 years. Prior to this he worked in industry as a Manager of a Computer Store. John holds a BSc in Information Technology from the 90's together with ECDL Certificate. John doesn't have a formal teacher qualification although he is very interested in creating opportunities for his students to develop job ready skills. From working in a Computer Store, John is a fan of gadgets and likes to treat himself to a new Smart Phone every year. He has access to a work laptop and tablet, and internet access is reliable. Moodle is used with his class for submission of assessments but he doesn't use it as an LMS. At the end of each topic, John uses a ready made Kahoot quiz to check knowledge and understanding. John doesn't actively engage in PD, but is happy to attend training with the team if there is a session organised in his location. He likes to upskills by watching YouTube videos. His biggest challenge is time. He feels that is understanding of processes for Quality Assurance are outdated and feels that he is overassessing students. He would like to explore new approaches to assessment and hopes this would give him time back.

Name: John Age: 50 Role: FET Educator | Teacher Location: Adult Education, Kildare Subject Area: IT

Personal Information

Learner Persona 1

Multi-modal Learning

This work is adapted from ABC Learning Design method by Clive Young and Nataša Perović, UCL (2015) is licensed under CC BY NC SA 4.0. Learning types, Laurillard, D. (2012).


KWETB Technology Wheel

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Since it’s launch in 2015, the ABC learning design method (Young and Perović, 2016) created at University College London (UCL) has been widely adopted in universities across the world. The most recent version of the method and toolkit came as a result of the ABC to VLE Erasmus+ project that UCL led in collaboration with 12 partner institutions from across Europe. ABC enables educators to work collaboratively as a course team to develop a storyboard visualising the learner journey based on their activities through the course. The method is non-prescriptive and builds on existing practice and can be used to identify opportunities for blended learning, to review approaches to assessment and align the programme to wider organisational goals for learning. Elements of the ABC menthod, the technology wheel together with Laurillard’s 6 types of learning have been adapted for use in FET context within KWETB. ABC Learning Design method by Clive Young and Nataša Perović, UCL (2015) is licensed under CC BY NC SA 4.0. Learning types, Laurillard, D. (2012). More information available at abc-ld.org.