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Total budget:$ 77.173

Rankings: Ranking Forbes # 1/ Ranking US news #15/Webometrics ranking web#2/Aruw academic rankingof world universities Sangairanking#2

System of fraternities: Americain universities have a put in place services allowing new students to better adapte to their new environement. This is how students fraternitiesvand sororities appered. Kappa/Sigma Chi/DeltaTau Delta

Programs: Graduates school of education/ School eart of science/ School of humanities and sociales sciecnes/ School of law/ School of medicine

Famous former students: Ehud Barak ---- former primer minister of Isarael/Alejendro Toldedo ---- former primer president of Peru

Installation in the university: Clubs baseball/football/squash2 museum

It is the most selective university in the USA in front Harvard

Sport teams: Stanford Cardinal

Location: California, Palo Alto

Status: Private university

Founding Date: 1 october by Leland and Jane Stanford

Students: 17246

Name: La Leland Stanford

Stanford University