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Knowledge for Public Health


Academic Steering Group 01.03.2024


  1. Welcome and introductions (Annette - Chair)
  2. A refresher - what is KNOW-PH and what is the purpose of the SG? (Liz)
  3. Questions on 2.
  4. Format of and guidance for the Steering Group (Joe)
  5. Some initial questions for the SG on the rapid response arm of the programme (Liz)
  6. Thinking forward (Joe/Andy)

A refresher

What is KNOW-PH and what are we expected to do?

UK first public health KMb team (3 years)

Creative focus

Arm 2: 2 x deep coproduction

Arm 1: 3-6 month rapid response

Health inequalitiesPHR portfolio

Core elements

Public and Community Engagement



Local Authority Reference GroupMembership n=14

Steering group

You!Others?Every 6 months

Outputs and outcomes

An array of knowledge productsA guide to KMb for LAsA guide to creative approachesCapacityField advancementSubstantive topic impactEvaluation

Purpose of the SG

To provide support, guidance, direction, ideas, critique, empathy (!)

Substantive issues

e.g. How to best work in a given context

Creative issues

e.g. What is high/low risk in terms of acceptabi;lity with whom

Working with partners

e.g. When/how to push/stand back

Evaluation issues

e.g. Have we thought about x,y,z?

Comms issues

e.g. best mediums, messages

Early rapid response topics

  • mental health in schools
  • workforce mental health and workplace related stress
  • Planning/Local Plan/Health Impact Assessment/Health Needs Assessment (Middlesborough and Kent CC)
  • Workforce strategy (HRin LA; Lincolnshire)
  • Systems leadership /working across systems / Health in All Policy (Kent, Welsh Government?)

How rapid?

Going back to our roots

Knowledge for Public Health