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The statistics show how much of a gap there is between the number of handgun-caused casualties in most other countries compared to the United States. The viewer may be shocked by the statistics and how much of an actual danger handguns pose.

The irony of this statement, "God bless America", in this context makes the viewer see the lack of logic in American laws. Guns, which are deadly, are legal, yet many Americans rely on religion and morality to keep them safe rather than real laws.

The American flag print plastered on a handgun may serve to make the viewer understand how intertwined handguns are with American culture. It makes the viewer realize that America is often associated with firearms and brutality in the eyes of other nations.

This statement serves as a logical warning to viewers that handguns do pose a threat and that lives can be and are endangered when people are in possession of firearms. It emphasizes the point that handguns are dangerous.